The Stripper Wolf Who Doesnt Want Us Looking At The Obvious

tumblr_mlafshmYKi1r7993do1_500aaah the stripper…
okay so you know the deal with this one.
he doesn’t like anyone looking at him.
by anyone i mean foxes, wolves, and hybrids.
so we will follow the rules like the good boys that we are.
so lets try to look at something other than… ya know.

that’s a real nice smooth lookin’ carpet.
i wonder where they got it from?
okay your turn!


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “The Stripper Wolf Who Doesnt Want Us Looking At The Obvious”

  1. That is definitely him in that video. Check the tattoo’s in the vid and on his instagram

  2. JOHNATHAN aka HEAT is a real short mofo HOMO phobe… i dont know why you guys thirst after him esp dyedclothes on tumblr… shrug… his attitude is real short like him… he lives off the concourse in the bx..

  3. Yea heard about the shade he throws to gay dudes is legendary, he is nothing special anyway, I saw the nude video, he was so upset about, that was posted on a Gay Blog, he threaten to sue to have it taken down, the owners of the blog said he was a real asshole, so fuck him, so many other strippers and dudes who shit on him. I see many of these attention whores who were once homophobic have embraced their gay fan base seeing the economics of how gay men will support you when females will not, ask George Hill.

  4. I really don’t have any interest in supporting, encouraging, or glorifying any man who feels that way to be perfectly honest. And I wish other gays would follow suit. Perhaps if we didn’t, they’ll get the opportunity to see just how far they’ll get with a fan base of women only. 🙂

    I’ve seen better.

  5. He really expects us not to look?Especially at the one where it looks like he’s about to take a dump on the lady’s leg.That one is screaming “Fuck this ass.”Thanks for the fantasy I’ll be having in a few minutes.

  6. I look at what I want, I’m grown. I see that fat ass he got, and I see that no one is on top of him in that bottom pic which means there is a space for ya boi.

  7. He doesn’t want gay men looking at him or his body but 1.) he’s a stripper. I mean hello everyone’s gonna look at you 2.) you have huge muscles and show them off in tight clothes. Who’s NOT going to look? 3.) and a in a majority of his pictures he has no clothes on. What’s the harm in looking?
    I will never understood possible closet cases who try too hard to look straight/homophobes lol.

    1. It’s something if random fairies hit him up in person. Buuuuut you put your picks on the Internet their gonna be seen fooo

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