Zane’s The Jump Off Gets It Poppin Right From The Start


… everyone say hello to “earnest” aka sean riggs.
ain’t he fine?
so i finally watched zane’s the jump off from cinemax.
ive been wanting to watch it for a while,
but i don’t have the channel.
well a f-bi sent me the series to watch.
i wont lie but the cast has some sexy wolves.
of course amin joseph is fine as hell,

tumblr_mm9g7hLdmU1rj10aro1_500but i’m also diggin the rest of the cast…

tumblr_mr2z6jNeMD1qi857wo1_500oh yeah.
i’m diggin them a lot.
i don’t even think i know what the plot is actually about.
i did a lot of fast forwarding.
you would too.
you know i got the show for those who never watched:

x episode 1

x episode 2

x episode 3

x episode 4

x episode 5

x episode 6

x the rest of the episodes

enjoy all the fast forwarding goodness!


lowkey: i know.
i know.
the quality is bootleg.
first episode.
first five minutes.
did it not look like amin joseph was fuckin that vixen 4real tho?

7 thoughts on “Zane’s The Jump Off Gets It Poppin Right From The Start

  1. That show has some quality meat, but the acting is just hilarious (duh!! right). I hope there’s a season 2. There has to be. The ending is a cliffhanger.

  2. Geez!!! Why have I never heard about this series? I have to check it out if that fine specimen above has a role.

    1. ^he does.
      he plays ernest (his name is sean riggs).
      he has some hot sex scenes in the show you gotta check out.
      all for your viewing bbb.
      this 1 tho:


      he def has an honorable mention.
      he plays fenwick and his ass is so round.

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