The Reason Your Man May Not Be Sexing You This Week…

don’t expect phone calls
limited contact
maybe lack of pipe

why you ask…?


some bills just won’t be paid this week….
food won’t be bought…
life will resume next week…


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Reason Your Man May Not Be Sexing You This Week…”

  1. See this is why you budget. I I’ve course pre ordered mine whin I had the money 2 weeks ago. Same with assassins creed 3 and soon god of war 4. But yes I plan in taking a week of pto just to go through my season then online play bitches will pay lol

    1. ^you def can meet a wolf playing this game.
      I know a fox who plays sports and he told me how he meets all kinds of dl wolves, hybrids, and foxes playing these sports games.
      think of it as foreplay.
      all that testosterone and shit talking….

      good weed,
      good game,
      good good.


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