the once gay-but-now-delivert straight has a message for us

there are a lot of us who don’t want to be gay or even bi.
i mean,
it’s not an easy life to live.
some of us never really fit in and it’s worse…

When you are black and gay,
looking for something that probably doesn’t exist.

i can make a bet that:

If we decided tomorrow to turn straight,
we would get girlfriends by noon tomorrow.

i know i would.
there are so many vixens that would take my hand in marriage tomorrow.

christian michael,
turned his life over to God and got delivert.
he is an ex-gay who is married to a vixen and had this message to share…

i know a lot of gays are gonna get angry with him.
“once you’re gay, you’re always gay.”
that might be true but…

He was very respectful with his message.

he wasn’t an asshole about it.
he found what he was looking for somewhere else.

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Will it work?

things are always subject to change but as of right now,
he is happy with his wife and his religion.
i’m not gonna be like the others who are criticizing him.
half of them are bitter and lonely jackals,
hoping their fantasy turns gay or makes an onlyfans.

I’m gonna wish him well and hope that he has found happiness.

lowkey: at some point,
we gotta just let people do what makes them happy.
if he decides he wants meat in his diet,
it’s really whatever.

you can check out his tikok: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “the once gay-but-now-delivert straight has a message for us”

  1. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿 Good, if GOD delivered him, then hopefully he got time for me.

  2. To be honest I think a lot of men that are homosexual get triggered when they hear stuff like this. Cause it triggered me lowkey. It’s just hard to believe when you’ve been there and done that. Then there is also a feeling of why didn’t God do it for me. It’s a lot to unpack, but I wish that man the best.

    1. ^so much to unpack and i’d lovvvveeeeee to do it with the foxhole.

      i feel like before therapy,
      i would have took it differently.
      after therapy,
      i feel what he is saying and wishing him the best.

    2. What is the same people that be quiet when gay people are getting murdered and killed and slice up and this has been proven that the X gay community stop do not exist. You know how many X gays went back being gay again

  3. Well this is good news!! And I’m glad to hear that the brother is liberated and beginning to thrive in peace. Because that’s my prayer too. To be at peace, and to have clarity and deliverance of from my family generational curses and trauma. In every way, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially and romantically as well too. And I do believe, that’s if it’s what we all do truly desire to have, then The Most High is faithful in to help us obtain it. It’s just that our journeys will be in differing ways to achieve it. One day. And not in the skewed way that the “white man’s religion” has indoctrinated us to believe. And yes I do agree with what You all said above here. And it is a lot to unpack. And there is an answer. Therapy helps us to have a viewpoint of clarity. And not from a place of pain, anymore. Because a lot of us who are hurt, are just projecting what we feel onto someone else’s experience. And that’s wrong. But being triggered is a good thing, because it shows that you have a soul. And that you do have a conscience and want to get better. We’re in the Age of Aquarius ♒️ where the TRUTH is being revealed. So it’s just up to all of us to search it out and grab a hold of it.

  4. Unless he shows us his old pornhub account where we can see his favorites. Are we just supposed to believe him. He could be using “gay” to mean something like he used to paint his nails. Has he said in any of his videos he used to want to fuck men?

    If true I pray God delivers me. I mean he could’ve delivered me I asked him to, back when I was 15 but I guess he was busy.

    1. I too asked God to deliver me when I was 15 and nothing happened. I struggled with my sexuality for years but at 31 years of age I can say I have been set free. I never actually had sex with a man but I desired and craved it. The only thing that kept me from acting on those feelings was I wanted to be in a loving relationship. I wanted to be married. I was taught sex was always within the confines of a marriage.I could have lost my virginity when I was a teenager but I chose not too because I wanted to be loved. God has not forgotten you. He loves you deeply. There is nothing you have done or could do that would make him love you any less. If you want to be free from homosexuality it’s possible but it ain’t easy. I know I fasted and prayed and denied my flesh. I know some ex gays said the Christ changed them completely others said they still have desires but choose not indulge because it no longer has power over them. They are submitted to Christ. I pray you find the answers you are looking for. I love you brother and remember God Loves You and has not forgotten you or your prayer at 15 ❤️❤️❤️

  5. It’s the ‘lifestyle’ for me. Hopefully he sat down w a therapist (not a pastor) to figure out what he needs to figure out. Like I always say, sexuality is indeed a spectrum. So it’s very possible that he’s into women. I hope, for both of their sakes, that it’s the case.

  6. Being gay isn’t the problem, homophobia is. It’ll lead people to do all kinds of tragic things, including believing they can change who they fundamentally are. On top of which, Jesus Christ never mentions homosexuality in the four Gospels and same-sexual activity was well known in his day, yet people keep using Christianity to condemn and oppress LGBTQ people. Oh well. Each to his, her or their own.

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