The Nubian Queen, Kylie Jenner (?)

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 6.10.42 PMi legit thought that was zendaya.
did not know that was kylie j.
ima need some of these pineapples to stop being coons.
it’s revolting.

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Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “The Nubian Queen, Kylie Jenner (?)”

  1. *smacks teeth* Black women rocked this style for years and they should be the only ones who rock it. The texture tho….

  2. She’s legit morphing into a black woman. She looks like an ogre in the face though.Funny, none of the Kardashians are sexy to me. Yes they look good, but they aren’t sexy.

  3. Question: Why are African Americans are so obsessed with Egyptians and Nubians?

    Fyi all African Americans are West/Central African descent. Plus Kylie Jenner is a fucking white girl, so to call her Nubian is fucking disrespectful

    1. Lindo, I agree. I’m proud of my West and SouthWest African descent (where the descendants of African Americans came from). And Kylie Jenner is not black so she’s no Nubian Queen or otherwise. The person who posted that is an idiot.

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