the foxhole is anti white

i didn’t know the foxhole was “anti white”.
that wasn’t my intention,
or even motivation,
when i made this website.
i got few scathing emails from one of my white readers today.
his opening email was…

“Your problem with advertisers is that it’s racist. You rip “snow wolves” and “snow foxes” and such all the tine. No advertisers want to be associated either the white put downs.”

now i took offense to that.
there could be many reasons why i didn’t get accepted.
as pose texted me,
they didn’t give a reason so no need in trying to figure out why.
this reader allegedly worked at an ad company so they should know,
i also got more with the subject line on one email,
“dehumanizing white references”:

“I’m not the one whining. You are. Stop playing victim and grow up. Drop the repugnant racist references. “

“Stop blaming me. Look in the mirror. Did I call you a jungle bunny? Would you find it cute if I did?
You’re behaving like racist Roseanne Barr who said to Valerie Jarrett: “I’m sorry if you think my comment was racist.”
Well, her comment was racist. And so are the incessant “snow bunny” references. That is racist too. Unlike you, I call out racism on both sides.”

“You really think the snide snow bunny and snow wolf crap is witty?
It’s not.
It’s juvenile and racist, just as racist as when Archie Bunker — 40 years ago — referred to blacks as jungle bunnies. Do you think that reference is witty or racist?
It cuts both ways. And advertisers are turned off by both forms of racism. I worked at an ad agency. Have you? I gave you professional judgment. Proceed as you wish. But stop whining. “

“Grow up and stop whining. Stop aiming yiu blog at the lowest common denominator and maybe you will get some ads. That is unvarnished professional truth. You’re welcome.”

you know we was going at it.
….but my favorite part:

“PS I have given you money to help you out, something many of your black readers have not done, and you accuse me of being racist?
Says more about you than me. Stop blaming everyone else for your plight. You reap what you sow …”

all of the donations in my tip jar were from black foxholers.
loved that typical assumption tho.
i wanted specific entries i was anti white.
they brought:

 lee daniels and the white lead in “star”
 white women and their love for black pipe
 a black wolf leaving his black white for a white woman

ya know,
if i offended my white readers,
that isn’t my intention.
i don’t wake up thinking to hurl insults at white folks.
i get a ton of “anti white” stories and some don’t get posted.
i have fonted on black issues,
because as a black fox,
that’s what my experience in america is about.
in the foxhole,
we have a certain way of fonting that wasn’t meant to offend,
but maybe it does…































…and reality is that i’m not for everyone.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

35 thoughts on “the foxhole is anti white”

  1. Racism on both sides???? So the person calling this out clearly agrees that racism is stupid and messed up on every level but at what point does the reader realize that reverse racism isn’t actually a thing???? Racism is the belief that the white race superior to those of color, when we say things that white people take as “reverse racism” it is NOT racist because we are not saying it with the belief that we are superior when we are so clearly not! We are still the minority and still dealing with MANY of the majority believing that they are superior to those of color. With that being said when a black person is speaking on white folks for example the author calling white folks snow foxes it is a reaction to white domination as well as many white historical injustices.

    So Mr. White man if you’re reading this, please give me one GOOD reason as to why you’re actually upset? At what point have white people ever been oppressed for you to be offended by someone using your race as an argument? Have a several seats and dare not speak again. That’s all.

  2. FOH! I bet that person doesn’t go half as hard on all these others sites that don’t even feature any black people at all. He’s probably some white dude with a mandingo thug fetish who’s all in his feelings because you don’t feature and praise white people all day like every other mainstream gay site

    Fuck him. You don’t need to apologize. You ain’t doing shit wrong

  3. The foxhole…foxhole..antiwhite. I don’ think it’s anti-white but some of us posters can be a handful sometimes. I’ve said some mouthy words about white people before on certain posts. I still think most of them are devils…lol

    Just kidding…that was a pro-black humor joke. I just think them dudes that wear those Walmart clearance curtains (KKK) are devils.

    Anyways, you never should have responded to that message in a negative manner. That energy you wasted on that person could have been applied to something else. Pick your battles better in the future. You’ll delight in it. You don’t own them an explanation for being you…Just to remind them that you will be you.

    You be getting on here fonting details and explaining to these faceless trolls cause they catch temper tantrums and you really don’t have to.

    In fact, you need to have a standby email ready for negative messages..In the subject line you need to have Thank you.

    “In the body you need to have “Thank you for coming to my blog and taking the time to look around. Have a blessed day.”

    Send the message and forward the recipient to the Junk Mail folder or block the recipient. Whichever you prefer.

    Jungle Bunny. That term is kinda funny…

    And how does this person know that “many of your black posters” haven’t donated. That’s actually being, not only haughty, but kinda stereotypically racist too when you think about it. Are they saying that most of us Jungle Bunnies are cheap, while our Snow Hare counterparts spend freely? I’m conflicted by that comment and I’m hungry…I’m going to fix me some nachos…let me hop to the kitchen and fix me something to eat. Not no friend chicken, watermelons and Black Cherry Kool-Aid… just so you know. Not for me…Words are words.

    Meh…don’t let this get you in fuss. Enjoy your day and be happy you got to see another…everything else is moot, if you ask me.


    So this person got the audacity to claim the Foxhole is anti-white? Look at all the wickedness done to our community. The majority of us are black gay men. We get shunned from the black community for our sexuality on a daily basis and then some of us (foolishly) run to embrace the gay community only to find it just as, if not more racist and segregated than anything else. Fuck outta here. Jamari posts ONLY the top notch snow foxes and wolves and he gives credit where and when it’s due. Look at all this shit going on right now that SNOW PEOPLE are doing to black people. Calling cops on no real concrete basis, the cop shootings, these fucking rallies and right wing groups, etc. Y’all deserve nothing but a kick in y’all ass as a collective group. You can fix your mouth to come on a platform ran by a black man who has lived the common black experience in this country and talk fuckry? Girl, the door…..

    1. @TheDarkMagician

      Because all of the people who are white and supportive of black people, causes, businesses and just not ignorant in general, they deserve to be criticized too.

      Wake the fuck up!

      People spend so much of their time and effort just hating because of what? Circumstance? Mistreatment in the past? Because it was wired into you that they are the “enemy”?

      Whatever the reason, I assure you, it’s unjustified, regardless of the instances of racial hate directed towards the black race.

      There has been so much progress for the black community as a whole, and so many champions emerging for us on all sides who push, struggle and deliver all their effort to see to it that we are advancing as a whole. But you think a few instances of people calling the cops (instances which are heavily outweighed by the good happening within our community) and you think the entire white race is out to get you?

      This failure to see the potential in coexisting is a problem within the black community. You hear a few notes of discord and suddenly you imagine that there is no longer potential for harmony.

      The media focuses on views. It’s a double edged sword, but if they can capitalize on outrage while highlighting an injustice, they will, because anger is an easier source for discussion than compassion. So again, try not to focus on the negatives committed BY A SMALL SUBSET of the race. Us doubling down on “my side; their side” mentality will force them to retaliate in kind.

      If the roles were reversed, and someone said “Black people deserve nothing but a kick in y’all ass as a collective group.” That doesn’t sound racist to you? That doesn’t sound hateful to you?

      I forgot, black people can’t be racist. Guess white people are just crazy, ignorant, hateful, cruel, ambitious toads amiright?

      Get the hell outta here with your hypocrisy and bigotry man. And don’t underestimate what so many non-black “SNOW PEOPLE” people are doing for you and our race. We have a ways to go but try to show some god damn respect the people that are helping the world move past those hurdles.

      Jesus, some toddlers and tiaras foolishness up in this thread today.

      1. I told you in the beginning I had time, Lucien.

        I don’t care about what sounds racist or not to you. You can’t speak to me if you don’t know that racism is a system that white people created and abide by every day. Let’s look at some examples of the racist system at work, shall we?

        For every $1 that a white person makes, a black person makes $.6 of that. That is called a wealth gap. We make up 13% of America’s population, but are the overwhelming majority in prison today. J. Edgar Hoover said that we cannot have another revolutionary ignite and unify the blacks in America. Europe and North America preys upon black countries, oftentime not paying market value for minerals and resources only found in specific places native to African people. White people ALLOW us to vote, and then find ways to impede our efforts to vote how we want. And then when we do, we are often lied to by politicans who know we traditionally vote Democrat in America who then do nothing for the community. To make it in America, we oftentimes we have to make white folks comfortable by talking and acting like how they want us to act. We have been experimented on, our neighborhoods destroyed by redlining, all kinds of train tracks and expressways in our communities. You take jobs out of the black communities intentionally, creating a environment of “dog eat dog”, desperation and destitution. They dump guns and military grade weapons in allyways in the inner city for these gang memeber to find and use on eachother, liquor stores on every block. White people under Ronald Reagan introduced drugs in our community. Racism is telling us, “JUST SAY NO”, but now when the white community suffers the same drug issue 30-40 years later, “addiction is a disease”. We say “hi” or even smile at a white woman, that’s an automatic rape charge. Ask Emmitt Till and look up the case that sparked the Tulsa riots. That’s present day, a direct result of the “mistreatment of the past”. I don’t care about what sounds racist to you and what doesn’t. I have no power or influence over affairs of government, economics, politics, religion, etc. White people control ALL. I can’t influence anybody to be racist to white people. I don’t have access to that system of power.

        And you have the nerve to come to me about what I said? I owe white people nothing, no black person does. Y’all always talk about the white people trying so hard to help turn things around. Name me 20 names of movers and shakers in the white community on par with any black leader or figure from the last 50 years in regards to civil rights. YOU CANNOT. So please, until we talk about reperations (not just money) and establishing effective change that will put ALL races on an equal level playing field, this is all white people will get from me. But we won’t because black people don’t demand it from you all like they should and white people’s attitude hasn’t changed towards us since 1619. Always telling black people to forgive and we all are one race. It’s slow for that….

        You have nothing of real substance to tell me. Absolutely NOTHING.

    2. Now that… was a exceptional READ.

      It’s sickening how many white gays expect us to be okay with their shit. Laughable, actually. It seems as if they’re under the impression that we aren’t allowed to have feelings about constantly being subjected to their racist rhetoric.

      We escape to our own spaces where we can finally appreciate other black gay men but white gays who lust our bodies but disrespect US, call us racist. It’s exactly why Jamari should understand his importance. We need spaces like this… where black gay men are actually present and here for other black gay men.

      As stated in the comments, there are 100+ LGBT+ websites that appreciate/idolize white gays daily. This is one out of a few for US.

  5. I am a faithful foxhole follower for the past 5 years. I haven’t commented since the work wolf saga, but I am here everyday. When Jamari doesn’t post, I feel like a part of my day is incomplete.
    Oh yeah, and I am an older heterosexual white woman.
    My two cents (not that anyone asked for it) I don’t see this site as anti-white at all. I think your emailer doth protest too much. From my perspective, he himself sounds quite racist.

    There are commenters to your blog that don’t like white people, and that’s in their right to not. Hell, I myself, don’t like a lot of white people.
    People get far too offended by what they read and hear. I want to ask people, “is their statement in any way a personal attack on you or someone you love? If so, then maybe you need to do some soul searching and either be alright with your beliefs, or fix what doesn’t feel good about it.” These same people are critical and judgmental of everything and everyone around them, but think they should get a pass for all of the ignorance they spew. GTFOH

    Jamari, I say keep up the excellent work! Folks are gonna love you or hate you, that’s just the way life goes. You are stronger and more amazing than would ever believe. Keep pushing forward. Much love

  6. As a black guy, I’m gna be a little honest….

    I don’t think Jamari is the racist one. Some of the comments in the comment section however……………

    I’m just saying there are a lot of guys here who are very, very racially biased and it’s painful mainly because they are ready to attack a whole other side for nothing more than skin color and judge the demographic accordingly.

    People are more than just an “ice cream flavor”. I’m not American, so I might not “get it” as I’m sure people will point out, but idk. I do not understand the slightest why racial groups segregate themselves into their own special enclaves/ subcultures that exist mainly to take hateful/spiteful digs at the other.

    If anything, his complaints would be a little more better suited targeting some of the commentators who apparently have massive gripes against people who are caucasian and ESPECIALLY people who choose to date outside of their race.

    That last part is a massive source of undue bitterness and tbh it’s a non-issue but that’s not my point in this epistle. We gotta be more accommodating, guys.

    Viewing the world from only one angle gives you the same boring view everyday and I would hate for this website to be another version of the queerty comment section (attacking our own people for every insignificant slight/ life choice.)

    Jes saying….If there is rebuttal/hate let’s hear it.

    1. Plus +1. Plus there have been posts with comment that come off as anti-white, though many within the black community don’t see it that way

    2. i get your point @Lucien, but I wish people (esp foreigners) would dig a little deeper when critiquing American race culture. Race is embedded in the fabric of this country. It’s more than just skin color. This country is what it is today SPECIFICALLY because of race. Being black and gay is a unique experience, and Jamari’s blog is an outlet for many in this group to feel a sense of community.

      White people, like the person above, don’t like being left out….because they think they own everything. That’s why he’s reacting this way. This ain’t a “both sides” issue. That’s what got us Trump.

      PS. If anyone is interested, there are TONS of books I can recommend that address the “race issue,” and why it’s so complex. i want everyone to do the WORK.

  7. Bruh, this is troll, disengage!…I wouldn’t be surprised it they were a sunken negroach rather than a WB who’s butt hurt b/c u said truths about their Travis and they upset their sensibilities and got her chilly highness hot!

  8. Hi 🦊,

    Clearly your blog is continually reaching lovers and indifferent ones. I think it is time you take this blog to the next level. Sponsorship isn’t as hard as you think, I think you’ve been reaching for the wrong door.

    I come to this blog because it is a safe space for information and exchange of ideas for us gay men. As a reader, I would love to continue seeing post about skin care routines, new technologies, restaurants and travel escapes.

    Your readers are primarily black gay men with different income levels who have opinions and are cultured.

  9. White men have become SO fragile. You would think with Trump in office they would relax a little. This man is outraged because white guys are labeled “snow bunnies.” LMAO.

    Meanwhile black people have a higher unemployment rate. Black women are more likely to die during child birth. Black people are regularly being killed by police and don’t get prosecuted. ….and the list goes on and on…..

    White people get called names that make them sad and they think that’s racism. LMAO. I WISH racism was just about hurt feelings….

  10. Im so sick of they pathetic, narcissistic, entitle asses…..they are fragile, insecure people. They don’t know what racism is, just like to hurl it around to when race arguments.

  11. “PS I have given you money to help you out, something many of your black readers have not done, and you accuse me of being racist?
    Says more about you than me….”

    And how exactly would he know that…?

    You see, this is something a politically left-leaning racist would say (as they tend to throw racist shade in a more refined, high-brow manner unlike most of their conservative counterparts). I’m willing to bet he’s the kind that’s quick to tell you he voted for Obama TWICE (you want a cookie?), attends anti-white-supremacist rallies and BLM protests to fight/speak FOR oppressed peoples but not WITH them in the day, and goes to sleep in a gentrified neighborhood at night…*rolls eyes*

  12. I have an issue with people trying to equate anything prejudice to racism. We can make all the prejudiced or discriminatory comments we want, but it’ll never equate to racism. You’ll never have to worry about receiving less calls for interviews or being denied services. You’ll never feel less attractive because you’re too dark and don’t fit the ‘muscle bbc’ stereotype.

    With that said, I can see how some of the posts can be offensive. Jamari should think hard about his audience. Let’s say you were more racially sensitive and got a larger following. It could lead to more take down requests, possibly lawsuits, a filtered chat, and overall censorship.

    I like the blog’s population. It’s not too many or too less; it’s just right.

  13. What a racist Rant! Black People can be prejudiced but Not Racist! To be Raciest you must have economic, legal and power to affect a peoples, economics, heath and safety! None of which we have, most of the whites I encounter come from a superior place from the start. But if I push back they are thrown off.
    You have a strong Black Voice Jamari about Black Issues, they are not going to like that..And a strong Black Following as Well! Too Much!
    A Good example of that push back! I joined a online dating service years ago. In My Profile I stated Black men Only! My Mailbox was constantly full of White men wanting to know why! But They Post “No Blacks, No Fems Freely.
    Keep doing what you are doing for we will never please some people.

  14. Who let the roaches out to play? BOY IF YOU DON’T GET!

    J this person didn’t even deserve a response.

    Sounds like a jaded white gay with a black fetish who comes creeping on this site everyday and is now upset to know that not everybody is falling to his feet LOL. He reminds me of those ethnic-minority gays who exclusively chase white men and then cry about the all of the racism/prejudices that they subsequently face pertaining to dating. Oh the irony.

    It also reminds me of a club I went to where a white woman asked somebody if I was gay because I refused her advances when she wanted to dance with me. Whew lord, the entitlement. Newsflash: The whole world doesn’t revolve around YOU.

    Of all these gay forums & blogs that WORSHIP the white male anatomy & aesthetic but yet you had to go cherry-picking into the ONE blog that doesn’t predominantly cater to white gay men? Its like whenever black people want to celebrate themselves its ALWAYS a problem for white people. They complain about BET, black history month, HBCU and the list goes on.

    Thanks to the historic unforgettable abusive colonialism and violence by Europeans, the whole world has been conditioned to adhere to Eurocentrism as far as culture, beauty ideals & ways of life and you STILL find something to complain about. Have you guys not had enough?

    Lebron James made a post yesterday celebrating black women gracing the covers of several major magazines and you guessed it: The comments entailed ANGRY white people screaming “what about us?” HA.

    Representation matters. If we don’t support or speak up for us then who else will? What they don’t realize is that everything is about white people by default. They never say anything about that. We have to remind them that we still exist and when we do its a problem for them. Cry me a river sir, your seething email foaming at the mouth will not a change a damn thing in these comments. Beat it!

    We are not anti-white, we are PRO “US” !

    In the words of the phenomenal Solange Knowles:

    For us, this shit is for us! (F.U.B.U)

    1. Also, the sorry ass tap-dancing negroes fluffing this crybaby’s scorned feathers can go stand behind his entitled ass in a long line waiting for the rest of us to give a fuck.

      With all of the racist far-right white supremacy forums that troll the internet trying to ignite “race wars”, this is the first site you decide to unleash your frustrations out on? Learn to pick your battles sir.

      Oooo I had time today.

  15. “Grow up and stop whining. Stop aiming yiu blog at the lowest common denominator and maybe you will get some ads. That is unvarnished professional truth.

    ……sooooo speaking from your own perspective (which is of a young, charismatic, educated black man) and things that interest you is aiming your blog to the “lowest common denominator” huh?

    But YOU’RE the racist.

    Oh ok.


  16. “Lowest common denominator” and making it known that he “donated” money to you at the expense of your majority black readers just so he could slight us.

    Lol if you’re “anti-white” then what does that make him based on those comments alone? Oh the irony.

    Reasons why I’ll never reason with the white lgbt community. Just jabs and microaggressions which they carry in everyday life also.

    We are the apparent “lowest common denominator” yet he can’t help but bring his pressed saltine ass on this blog everyday to take a peak at “lowest common denominator” interests. He sounds like every white racist person out there, they will publicly disparage the black community but they’re obsessed with us behind closed doors. Obsessed with our beauty, our creativity, our entertainment, our dialect, our swag, our auras etc.

    Admit it sir you are a FAN LOL! This reminds me of those white gays who will call you the N word online when they find out that you’re not interested in them. It’s like sir, if I don’t recall you were begging to suck off this “dirty n*gger” 2 minutes ago 🤣😂

    Pathetic people.

  17. The comments on this blog are what I’d call “collectively anti white.”

    The blog itself however is NOT.

    I’d also like to point out that the “snow wolf and snow fox” terms can be viewed as offensive by some. They are indeed outdated and tone deaf. I hate it when white people refer to blacks as “chocolate” or any other term that defines my entire being solely by my skin color or race. If I want respect, I put it into practice first. Ya know, that leading by example thing.

      1. Compared* And yes, I’m Black. I remember Naomi Campbell ranting about a Chocolate Advertisement that used her pictures without permission and saying being compared to Chocolate was demoralizing.

        Yes, chocolate is inanimate and a food, but hardly as demeaning as “tar baby”.

    1. This entire post is ironic coming from you, because you’ve made plenty of anti black comments, especially about black women. And white men are rarely even featured on this site to make a claim about anyone being anti white.

      1. @MTOFFTT

        Well it’s a good thing you know about my comment history on this site because I don’t know a damned thing about yours. Furthermore, anything I font online can be FONTED again! Which means I have no fvcks about what YOU or anyone else think of my views! I don’t trust White men, nor do I tust most Black women. Thank goodness neither are prominently featured on the Foxhole which is why I stop here on occasion.

        Now you have yourself a good evening and continue reading my comments around the gay blogosphere. 😗

  18. I’ll continue reading your comments as I do everyone’s, which is, you know, the point of perusing the comment section of a blog. But I’ll keep your lil sassy comment in mind. Remember to keep those wrists straight.

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