lamont johnson throws his seed all over his social media

surprises are fun.
i like when folks can keep a secret,
but once revealed,
has everyone going:


that was everyone’s reaction today with lamont johnson.
the comments on his ig for the following entry are funny af.
so lamont revealed a big secret in his attentionisto story line.
guess what it is…

that is his cub.
he confirmed it on his ig stories:

it wasn’t produced from a long term relationship either:

he been carry on like he was single and cub-less.
don’t they all?
i mean,
judging from that one video,
he isn’t a stranger to raw sex.
i was waiting to hear he had a whole wife out here too.
that would have been interesting.
i guess this explains why he needs the “onlyfans” money.
the insane amounts he’s charging for alleged for solo videos.
he has child support ‘n’ other those responsibilities to provide.
the money can make sure his cub,
and the baby mama,
have what they she needs.
makes total sense.
congrats to lamont tho!
he made a beautiful cub!

lowkey: his story line is getting similar to steven beck and dwyane mckell.

18 thoughts on “lamont johnson throws his seed all over his social media

  1. Haha yea I’m a vixen! And he comes off nice and charming but total asshole…answering girls’/“clients” FT or calls when we’re together no matter the time. I should of known tho because our first date he told me there was a possibility he fathered two kids…

    1. we went on a few dates kicked it messed around..and he’s young af 24

      lol yea just thirsty for attention used to post the “i’m so single” like a day after going out…and now i see raw dogging b*tches

      i should have known our first date he told me there was a possibility he could of fathered two kids he was waiting to figure out….but then told me the results were negative for one…and the other was possibly lying about being pregnant to get his attention…LMBO!

      1. ^whoaaaaa

        i love when the foxhole gets that bts scoop.
        kudos body!
        are you a vixen?
        is he nice?
        his “questions” thing made him seem like an asshole…

  2. Lol child coming from someone who he went on a few dates with around the time his seed must have been produced…( if she’s a few months old) total surprise lol but not even tbh… makes sense why he went MIA and has so many haters..he is a whole mess on IG and in person… 🤦🏽‍♀️😂

  3. A lot of folks don’t care. If you’re not educated and gainfully employed I have no interest. I don’t mind peeking at the ho es videos but never touch in real life.

  4. Can we talk about people piercing their kids ears without a googoo or googoo gaga consent from the baby. I would have peed all on his ass..

    The baby so cute with them fat cheeks..😄

  5. He just going about everything wrong, throwing out random stuff to see what stick lol.

    The smedium limp dick porn vid, 30 sec Butt shot clips from Only Fans, revealing he has a cub, posting photoshop pics of peen prints LAWD!!! He keeps on dragging his sexy self.

      1. Nothing, he put himself into the InstaThot territory…..people need to protect their brand and not engaged in these type of antics. It’s quite a few people whom found serious work in the industry from Instagram.

  6. Not with him piercing that baby’s ears at CLAIRS!!! I hope she doesn’t have any skin sensitivities cause Clair’s earrings are mostly cheap

  7. Also that is like a new baby..he was doing all that online while that girl was pregnant? She probably was pissed lol

    1. ^RIGHT!!!

      i thought the same thing.
      his story line is like steven and dwayne.
      they were doing the same along the times they had their cubs.
      im shocked some other attentionisots don’t have cubs out here.

  8. My thing is if you have children fine… but how do you explain your actions to them when your online shenanigans resurface say like 15 years down the road?

    1. ^that and is “onlyfans” gonna sustain him for the rest of her life?
      when you are single,
      get a few gigs here and there to survive.
      he has a whole cub out here now.
      baby mamas can get real spiteful for money.

      he seems like he brings the drama tho.
      we shall be entertained

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