the first male cheerleaders in the nfl are about to have their moment

everyone should have their moment.
i don’t know what your moment is,
but i hope you’re able to experience it.
the first male cheerleaders in the nfl,
quinton peron and napoleon ninnies,
 their moment is the superbowl over the weekend.
this is what quinton posted on his ig

how crazy how they got the job with the rams last year,
and now this year,
they’re gonna be on the main stage for the superbowl?
 in atlanta,
of all forests?
talk about The Universe comin’ thru for the win!
i’m very happy that they are living their dreams.
i hope for major success and some baller wolf peen for the superbowl.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “the first male cheerleaders in the nfl are about to have their moment”

  1. I can hear the black (male) heteros’ fake outrage now “the effeminization of the black MMMAAANNNNN!!!!” You’d think with all the heterosexual (dark-skinned) black male promotion on TV, film, magazines, in athletics and on social media, etc. they wouldn’t be so perturbed by two black gay men flipping and twirling on national TV, but many will be. And I’ll be here for it bitch…LMAO

    1. You have me cackling like a witch, Sir. Many of them are Foxholers. Talking about “emasculated this” and “setting the Black community back”, but the Black community likens them to these 2 men anyway.

      On a side note, the one on the end..I don’t know who started that eyebrow trend, but it needs to end. Where the ends of the eyebrow look like they’re fading in.

      1. I have never seen a male cheerleader aside from the Bring it On sequel. I would think they’d get bullied.

        1. nah. some of them are fit as hell and can take care of themselves. Lol
          they have to be, to pick up the other cheerleaders and such.

        2. We had then when I was in high school (class of 95) in Montgomery and Tuskegee, Alabama. A lot if them were stuntmen or tumblers, but most of them were gay or bi. They also had about 5% body fat, if that, and were capable of tossing 150+lb people through the air. Bullying was not a bright idea past verbal. They also had the power to but dudes on “pussy punishment”; you fucked with them, yo girl stopped fucking you.

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