The Church Pews Arent The Only Thing Giving Wood Nowadays


church is the place where one goes to get drenched in the holy spirit.
well thats what it is “supposed” to be.
nowadays you getting drenched in some other shit.
being completely honest but church is the place to get good gossip,
great drugs,
and greater sex.
the best part?
you can have a do over every sunday at altar call.
go up there with a face full of tears and repent for all your weekly sins.
um, score?!
i started to wonder if church is starting to become a joke?
or has it always been a inside joke that went over our heads?
is it best to just stay out of that fire so you won’t get burned?

Is church really the devil’s playground?


i would have fucked him.
yup i said it.
you would have too.
he is a good looking older wolf,
with thick body parts,
and obviously a freak.
the issue with most of these pastors,
and even elders is their insane contradictions.
i don’t know if pastor darwin didit,
but most pulpit pimps have a lot to say about the gay lifestyle.
the worst are the ones who are “ex gays“.
you know those ones.
they went to church,
got turned out by the word,
and vow to be a solider in christ.
happily never after.
they see your ass in some tight slacks,
or your muscles in that dress shirt,
and all those carnal urges rises up in their spirit.
this is why church is the best place to meet dick/booty/pussy.
a bunch of repressed people being told to not do something,
even tho secretly they want to do it.

they up in your face,
smiling and being extra friendly.
i know that look anywhere.
the “i want to murder your foxhole” look.

i’ve had wolves (even church hyenas) in church look at me for a relapse.
i can’t even tell you the times i have been hit on or groped “playfully”.
my shoulders being rubbed.
did i ask for a massage deacon?
i’ve had married church vixens try to hit on me or con me into “bible study”.
even the old ex hoes playing “church mama”.
it’s not just me!
anyone who has stepped foot in church knows the deal.

after yesterday’s scandal with pastor darwin randolph,
i had to ask myself is this is going to become normal?
with social media dominating lives and decisions,
are church folks about to get exposed in the online pulpit?
are d/l pastors the new thing to get with?
i wouldn’t mind getting a blessing on my booty from a hot pastor.
i’d even consider a pastor’s son to vandalize my walls.
they tend to have long “offering” money too.
got me saying “bless ‘im!” after they bless me.
are pastors the new baller wolf?
yeah i had to ask!…

Would you mess with a pastor?

lowkey: i wonder what the direct messages of a pastor looks like?

59 thoughts on “The Church Pews Arent The Only Thing Giving Wood Nowadays

  1. P.S. I love jamari’s blog. visit it everyday. I think you are a brilliant mind and love reading your opinions on all topics.

    1. ^thank you so much aj!
      and thank you for coming out of lurk mode to leave your perspective!
      thank you to everyone who comments and lurks in the shadows.
      i really appreciate it!!

  2. I normally never comment, but I feel the need to break silence on this one:
    1. I agree w/tajan that deborah v is a troll to make fun of the holier-than-thou type
    2. While men of the cloth are expected to lead the congregation & follow as close to God as possible, they are still human and like the rest of us, will sin accordingly. Different ppl have different temptations, and we need to remember this; yes they are expected to have a higher moral code, but they aren’t perfect. And not all pastors are in it for their love of God, just as there are some that attempt to walk in the role we expect them to, there are some who are corrupt and deliberately take advantage of the preconception of what a pastor is supposed to be.
    3. I personally think that pastors are off limits, it would just feel too wrong. I respect the position (when the person actually tries to live up to it) and wouldn’t be able to go through with it. Too much built up lust for a pastor=not a good spiritual standing for me.

  3. Wow this has been an interesting debate. I for one am calling bullshit on this Deborah character, this is not a real person but someone making up an online persona, the answers that they give are comical and a little to made up almost like something someone would say who is reading from a script, you are on a gay blog but saying you hope that we can find a good wife, and you are praying for us, for our sinful lust over a man of the cloth. WTF I just cant believe someone is this stupid and naive in 2013. This person is not real, but someone is having a good time playing this character. I guess for who ever this is, needing some attention online. Very interesting.

    Well on to my story and I hope I aint giving too much of myself away with this, and too many details for this pastor to figure out who I am talking about. About 5yrs ago, I was involved with a married so called str8 pastor. I met this man in a public setting, didn’t have any idea he was a pastor, until he invited me to church as his special guest. First of all, he started acting like he was concerned about me and wanted me to find a good wife, because he couldn’t understand why I was not married. I finally told him the real deal, and he played like he was so shocked, and then it became “I have to save you from this sinful lifestyle”. These D/L religious dudes are real basket cases. He would call me and almost stalk and hound me under the guise that he was providing spiritual counseling to me. Of course, he was sneaking calling me at 1am in the morning, it was more so to make sure, no one else was with me or I was not talking to anyone else. He became jealous of my friends and tried to get me away from them. I made the mistake of inviting him to my house, and after that he would just randomly show up mostly early in the morning before he went to work. Well on one of these mornings, I had answered the door in my wife beater and underwear and the pastor had a fit, saying all kind of things about go put on some clothes, how dare I answer the door like that; in my own house mind you. Pastor eyes were about to pop out of his head, I could sense his attraction to me, it was so strong almost like he had become a different person. I knew exactly what I was doing lol, and I got all up in his face and he was turned on and scared of himself all at the same time. Well too make a long story short, it wasn’t long before the pastor that wanted me to be redeemed, had gave into his temptation for the flesh. I must admit it was hot and erotic for both of us to taste the forbidden fruit. Well it only went down that one time, this mfukka became distraught afterwards and ask for my forgiveness, and he was so torn that he had disrespected his wife and his church and God. Oh my he was a real nut job. These dudes are all actors, they have been hiding and masking who they are for so long. I actually felt sorry for this dude seeing that he was so tormented and couldn’t live his real life. I lost touch with him, but I found out later on that this was his M.O. with dudes, he tried to talk to one of my homeboys, but he didnt know we were friends and new each other, and he had that same game. SMH at the hypocrisy of these men of the cloth. At the end of the day, they are still men.

    I shared my story for all the naive people who think that just because a pastor is married and has kids he wont get down. I have some other stories about some well known Mega church pastors, but I will keep them to myself as not to put any of my homies on blast who have told me some inside scoop. All is not what it seems in the religious world. I put nothing past these dudes, people would be so surprised if they knew how some of these dudes they put on revered pedestals get down.

    1. I was just about to post something like this about the Deborah character. She’s a TROLL. Someone who is apparently bored with their life and wants to have fun at our expense. Go away.

    1. That’s another word for denial to anyone with a brain.You are lost man. I refuse to help you anymore, we all do. When you try having sex with a woman and you lil wee wee doesn’t get up don’t cry to us.

  4. The holy ones are always lost in their cloud of their faith to notice the truth around them.

    1. So I’m guessing he also fell to the devil by being a hypocrite as well; condemning those who he is in the very company of. Didn’t Jesus and the bible dislike hypocrites?

  5. I am going to pray for The Man. You know not what you speak. I pray that God will bind those thoughts and introduce you to a beautiful woman. The woman of your dreams. One that will make you leave this behind and find your a nice church home. I pray this for everyone in this comment box as well as the owner of this website. Amen!

    1. See, this is what I dislike about people like you Deborah. Yall selectively dance and skirt over issues when yall are called out. You condemn people but yet still, you’re on a blog whose target audience is men who are attracted to men. You didn’t answer my question about Haggard either. I bet you wear clothes that are spun out of different blends but on here condemning us.

    2. He gave me the thoughts Deb. I love women and men and that will never change. God made me this way.

  6. Great!!!!!!!! We have the Davon raccoon and now the Christian raccoon. As long as she doesn’t call her bible study crew in here.

  7. Deborah, you seem to be one of the many laypeople that choose to turn a blind eye to what so called men of the cloth actually do behind closed doors. People put pastors etc on a pedestal. Not because they preach on a pulpit on Sundays means that they follow through with what they preached during the week. Ted Haggard, Eddie Long; they are deeply flawed HOMOSAPIENS like the rest of us. And that’s with Protestants. Don’t talk about the Catholics.

    1. Hello Jake. Eddie Long I believe was a set up for his money. He learned the hard way trusting common street thugs.

      1. Set up? The men he slept with were straight boo lmao… He tricked them, look it up. Eddie approached them.

  8. I hope I’m not offending anyone. Its very offensive to read about a pastor you all haven’t even confirmed as a homosexual. It’s equally disturbing to see everyone reading to tear his flesh apart disregarding his role within the church.

    1. That was Darwin Randolph…he’s gay and his wife was always aware. What woman would tolerate frequent unaccompanied trips to (of all places) Atlanta WTF!!!!!!!!!

      1. Sir, you are very wrong about his wife knowing he was gay. If you don’t know her personally then you should refrain from making assumptions about things you are clearly unaware of.

  9. This has been an unspoken secret for decades.As long as you don’t identify, then church folk will tend to overlook the obvious.

    Look at Tonex/B Slade. Early on, he was in San Francisco practically in drag & still considered gospel’s new prodigy, performing on award shows and producing for other artists.

    As soon as he admitted to his sexuality, he became persona non grata.

    No wonder Donnie McClurkin considers himself ex-gay

    1. Hello Tee Money. My issue is the blatant disrespect towards a man of the cloth. Speaking about him like a piece of meat when we don’t know if that is really him in those pictures. It could ruin his life if we are assuming. Donnie McClurkin recognize his mistakes early on and has given his life to God and I am very proud of him. Have any of you every thought of turning your life to God? You may stop your loneliness and find a beautiful wife within the congregation.

      1. WHAT? Who says were are lonely? Some of us like women, but that’s not what we want right now. God made us this way, it is not a choice. I go to church every now and then, and me and God have a good relationship for your info.

      2. No one held a gun on him and made him lay his dick on the sink for a hookup website. The things you’re complaining about are issues that you need to raise with the pastor.

        Oh, and those pictures are clearly him, unless he has a doppelganger in his neighborhood.

        Oh so you think Donnie is cured? You’re making yourself appear more delusional with every comment. It would be enlightening for you to visit a gay bar on a Sunday night.

        Why does the wife have to be beautiful? Are ugly women going to hell? What about beautiful women that practice other religions? What about the ones that don’t attend church, but still follow the tenets of Christianity? Are they condemned?

        Lastly, I’m not lonely.

      3. Deborah, you’ve got your head in the sand. Pastors are human; stop worshipping them. only trust in God; man will fail you.

  10. Hello. My pastor has admitted to sleeping with women before he got married. Pastors having gay sex seems unimaginable. Eddie Long looked like rumors of misguided boys trying to take his money. I don’t want to think about a pastor having gay sex when he has to preach to his flock and guide them. You have to see my stance on this topic.

    1. TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, and many others are straight pastors who guide their flock to glory. I don’t hear you all wanting to, as you say it, bang them in the doggy style position. How can you all even say those things without feeling like you are commiting a sin?

      1. judgemental much? Those comments were directed towards a man that presented himself as a sexual being. Those screenshots were not from

        Having impure thoughts is a sin – regardless of one’s orientation. We can either acknowledge them and move on, or we can repress them and end up like him & Eddie Long.

    2. So its OK with your that your pastor was a fornicator engaged in premarital sex .How can he preach to his flock and guide them when he is engaged in premarital sex? Are you saying he can guide his flock if he has premarital sex with females but he can’t if he has premarital sex with men?

      1. Hello Y Colette. Oh heavens no! I go to a straight church. My pastor apologized for his sins. This was before he became a man of the cloth and has repented greatly. God has blessed him with a beautiful wife and a adorable son. Has anyone answered my question on turning their lives over to the one almighty as serving him? Gay men are very lonely because of the life you all live.

      2. You are a lost woman Deborah. Again we are not lonely. What church do you go to so I can come and show you a lil something about your pastor? When he sees me I bet he’ll forget all about his wife. You can watch it happen? YColette you can come too since I know you like men on men action. 😉

      3. @The Man I am going to decline ONLY because her pastor is married.Not because he is a minister.Thanks for invitation 🙂

  11. Please do not attack me. It is just strange to see men lusting after a man of the cloth. It is one thing to lust after men who play sports, but a pastor? That is very disrespectful and crude. The comments about bending him over and penetrating him are a hard pill to swallow. I enjoy this site but I am having a culture shock.

    1. We are not attacking you, but we def. feel attacked by you telling us were are going to hell. Why are you shocked? Pastors been getting their asses banged out for years, and men have been lusting after them.

      1. No they haven’t. Those are rumors. My pastor is happily married and preaches a good sermon without back sliding.

      2. Stop being naive. Pastors are not above everyone else. A lot of them are gay. It is not just rumors. You may think he’s happily married, but you don’t know what goes on in the dark.

      3. You mean to tell me you have never heard of a pastor cheating on his wife or a unmarried pastor who has had sex.If you have, than that pastor lusted after someone and someone lusted after them.Do you think your pastor was a virgin when he got married?

      1. LMAO…Deborah, he says shit to say it. That is not a valid opinion. He has slept with men and doesn’t even consider himself gay. If you sail in his boat you will drown lol.

    2. so are we supposed to deify a false prophet?

      If the man isn’t living the life he’s preaching, then why should anyone respect his spiritual authority? He peen and ass are out on public display, and he’s making arrangements to have anonymous sex. Is that behavior you’d expect from a pastor?


      someone who’s first relationship was with a pastor & knows what really goes down amongst them

      1. Hello again Tee Money. You had relations with your pastor? Are you not scared of hell?

      2. 1.he wasn’t my pastor. 2.. that’s the pastors burden, because he’s supposed to be called as a spiritual authority. 3. You’re clearly trolling. Luckily, I don’t feed trolls. I’m capable of intelligent discussion. Your message might get further if you tried that.

  12. I would definitely do a pastor..only if he is not married lol! But church is full of gay people, I get hit on at church more than anywhere else. There is a portion of our service where members have to get up and greet one another, and it always seem like the men who have stared at me always find their way over to me, some even from way across the other side of the church. I just sit and laugh because I know what they are up to lol!

  13. I would fuck with one, but only once or maybe even twice if the ass is good. You can get caught up with a pastor if you aren’t careful. They can lead you on a path of destruction if you try and keep them for keeps because more than likely you aren’t the only one they are fuckin. I dislike the ones who act like they are so innocent, but are doing the same shit I am. How can you tell me not to do something when you do it more than I do? Are they any pastors in here? I want to hear what you all have to say.

    I def. would get with a pastor’s son too. Those kids are usually bad.

    1. Filth? I guess you like filth since you are here.This site target audience is Men who are attracted to men. Some of them Gay,some are bisexual ,some pansexual.That’s the reason 75 % of the posts are pics of men.If these images,comments,content,etc offend you,Why are you here? You are the reason these guys can’t stand some females and why some people reject organized religion.Judge not,that ye be not judged.

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