The Blame Game

tumblr_naa38vqqNO1r2x63jo1_500it’s funny how certain animals behave.

they do something fucked up to you,
but for some odd reason,
they will successfully play “victim” to get the most votes.
all the evidence could be pointing to them,
and they have a reputation of all kinds of tom foolery,
but they will have you eliminated out the game for whatever reason.

it takes a strong animal to admit when they’re wrong.
as much as the audience will take their side,
you have to stand strong in your stance.
sometimes you have two options:

fight for your reputation
bow out gracefully

as much fun as taking a stand is,
too much of a defense can make you look guilty.
i always found it better to take the “l” and bow out gracefully.
see the way how “karma” is set up,
you can have your name cleared in the long run.
a long term victory is always better than a short term one.

so next time someone tries to play the “the blame game” with you,
and is adamant on trying to make you look bad,
i say go ahead and let them.
they will come to the end of their games soon.
it might be with you or some other skilled player,
but you will get your trophy in the end.

wait for it


i’m going to get mine in the end.
i hope it’s a big shiny one too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Blame Game”

  1. Funny that you wrote this because I said something that I can admit that I was somewhat wrong even tho I made some valid points except this nigga is so press on what I said that had NOTHING to do with him. He made it into his business which I don’t get why and now he’s fake mad and being fucking petty to a whole other level. This is the last time I will ever be nice to an ugly ass nigga because damn he is PETTY. Plus he wanna say I’m scared even though I did say I have no interest in arguing with him because what I said had to nothing to do with him at all and it wasn’t even about him.

    It not worth being cool with a hood nigga, especially a gay ugly one, because now I’m noticing they look for any excuses to fight with you and I’m not that type of person. Yes, I grew up in the project, but I was raised to be respectful and have well-manners, so I don’t care to put on my timberland boots and bring vaseline. Plus I’m not gonna fight over something that was only for my friend to hear. So be press, be mad and go fuck yourself while I enjoy my life.

  2. Great post sometimes it’s good to just step back and let God deals with things for you. The people who really know you and have your back will know what’s on the up and up anyway.

  3. I agree Jamari. Let it ride. Eventually that game gets old and people start looking at the “blamer” with the side-eye wondering why they so mad.

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