He Wants To Have Your Back

donald-trump-portraiti was speaking to my co worker today about ^this one.
she was so depressed about him even getting this far.
the funny part?…

she is a older snow vixen.
you would think she would be for it.

Can you believe he may end up being our next president?

from obama to…
donald trump.

gDOEIMBi’m confused as to why this is even happening.
a part of me believes it’s for shock value and future memes.
leave that shit for the kardashians.
i think we will all be doomed if he gets in office.

Am I the only one thinking this?

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20 thoughts on “He Wants To Have Your Back”

  1. I honestly don’t believe he’s going to win because someone made a valid point on tumblr about how the people who handle the votes are going to make sure that this imbecile isn’t going to win. And he also mention how Donald Trump is most likely going to take it to court because the votes were rigid etc.

  2. The fact that he’s made it this far speaks volumes to how low America has become as a country, media wise. The bar was low before, but it’s getting worse as the years go on. Nothing but sensationalist crap.

    Donald Trump should’ve faded into the background months ago. I’ve actually heard some people say they think he’d make a great president because he’s a billionaire, totally ignoring the fact that he has went bankrupt more than once.

  3. U shouldn’t be surprised bout older snow vixen; there are maaany of them – and others from all walks of life – with a vested interest in not becoming an embarrassment to and one of the most despised nations of the world. Just as much as Trump’s campaign is dredging out the most racist, and grotesque/backwards-thinking bottom feeders of our country, it’ll also light a fire under other sane citizens to keep his ass out……..and if not, God truly bless Amer’ca……I’ll be following Ms. Symone to our neighbor up north!

    1. ^omg yes.
      time to pack up and get out.
      things will only get worse.

      maybe he is being used as some kind of shock campaign?
      like he is only running as a publicity stunt or something.
      i just can’t figure this out…

      1. Just imagine the “yuuuge” fuckin hilarity if when all is said n done – and right before Nov – he reveals that this was all one big “juuus kiddin!” after he’s assured the RNC as we know it will devolve into a shell of its former “Reagan is God” self….meanwhile, Hi”lie”ary, with no shortage of schadenfreude, will be fake laughin n rollin all ova the floor of the Oval Office…

  4. I actually would prefer Trump being the Republican nominee over Ted Cruz.I think more Republicans will sit out the election if Trump is the nominee so it will improve the chances of Hillary winning.I don’t believe Trump believes half the stuff he is saying.I think Cruz is far more dangerous,far more right wing.

    1. I agree with you Y Colette. Ted Cruz scares me. If that man were to become President, I think he would fuck up this country even worse than its ever been. It’s bad when your own party despises you more than Trump!!

  5. The thing with Trump; He is not selling like all the other candidates are doing. They are telling you what they are going to fix. Trump is telling you what is broken and how he will get the right type of people in the positions to fix it. America has been hearing the same ole messages every 4 years. He is bringing something different. I think people should listen to him with an open mind.

    Trump has gotten this far because every 4 years politicians has been promising this, promising that and you get the same. Nothing!!!. There is a bigger picture here. Look at the majority of items in your home, look where it was made… China, Japan, India, Korea, then look how many “Made in the USA” items you have. j/s

    1. If the other Presidents couldn’t get “anything” done, then how do you think Trump is? He’s just saying different things, what people want to hear, but how is going to do these things? This is not an autocracy, he doesn’t just decide, he has to go through Congress etc. Donald Trump is using his momentum just to get votes, but I don’t see any planning. He’s doing what you accuse everyone else of doing, but he’s even more manipulative than the others, makes promises that he can’t actually fulfill. I don’t see it.

  6. The fact that he has gotten this far is crazy but it shows how many white people think the way he does but are to afraid to say it out loud.

  7. and guess who Trump will pick as his VP candidate …… Dr Ben Carson, not a politician like the rest and his message is the same as Trump’s, its just very passive compared to “the Donald”. And there a lot of Blacks agreeing with Donald Trump, they are also afraid to say it out loud. (something to think about)

  8. Blacks are ridiculous. Still voting for Dems who are quietly pushing us aside for the Latino vote, who will outnumber blacks 2 to 1 in coming years.

    As a New Yorker, I think Trump will make a great President. No lie. He is more of a centrist who is more concerned about getting things done, than being beholden to a rabid base. And he also will listen to people. I hope he wins.

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