That’s Daddy Right There: Devin Thomas Interview

God is good.

I was in a bad mood earlier.

The Concrete Forest is rainy and muggy.
Ya know, it’s “cuddling” weather as they like to call it.
Right now,
I have no one to cuddle with and I doubt they would want to cuddle with me….

….because I got the flu, or something,
so I am laid out on my ass, drunk off Dayquil/Nyquil.
I decided to get my Google on.
I put in Devin’s name to see if anything new came up….

…. and it sure did.
Ya know,
looking at him in this interview,
for that brief 4 minutes, I felt fine.
He, and those pecs, took my mind off my runny nose and upset stomach.

Cheesy, I know but fuck you for your judgement.

Anyway, here is the interview.
I need to work for his promo/publicity team because I support him HEAVY.
He owes me something like Nas and Ginuwine.

I’ll be back to heavy posting when I detach my nose onto my face.

Devin Thomas Interview

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