Tales Over Grilled Chicken and French Fries

lpeople like to spill their guts to me.
its the weirdest thing.
here i was,
enjoying my grilled chicken sandwich in the work cafeteria,
when one of my coworkers spotted me.
cute black vixen.
small chest.
fat ass.
she came over and asked if she could sit with me.
the convo started off pretty pleasant.
she asked me about how i was liking the job so far.
we talked about how long i was unemployed.
this is when the gut spilling commenced.
“so don’t say anything…”
she goes into this whole thing about one of the other mailroom wolves she is fuckin dating,
how they fought during the weekend,
and how he thinks she is cheating on him with someone else within the company.
i noticed some tension today with her,
but i thought it was just the work load.
well i was pretty floored.
i listened,
shook my head,
and gave her some “pr” advice.
“you shouldn’t have messed with anyone you work with.”

how contradictory of me.
i was just peepin’ at the other mailroom wolf just today.
the one i have a low key crush on.
admiring how snug his pants fit his frame.
imagining me swimming inside them.
*snaps out of it*
okay look.
its just fantasy talk.

after hearing her tell me all this crap,
i came to two conclusions.
one: people trust me.
i could have went back and blabbed her business to thing 2.
she better be glad i’m not some queen.
ever since i launched this site,
i’ve learned to keep people’s secrets.
two: dating coworkers is really messy.
but i had to wonder if its because it is two straight people?
can two discreet gays work and play together?
or will someone get stupid and fuck it all up?

IMG_0043hypothetically-ly-lyz speaking n shitz.
i decided to enjoy my sandwich and stay my ass up out the drama.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Tales Over Grilled Chicken and French Fries”

  1. When people show you who they are, better believe them the first time.

    Loose Lips spilling the beans when you haven’t asked her a damn thing.

    If they will tell it to you, they will tell about you, to anyone who will listen.

    She has already broken one of your own rules, so she’s proven she can’t be trusted.

    Anytime someone hits you with “Now don’t say anything, but…” and you two are perfect strangers, fuckery and foolishness are soon to follow.

    I long for the day when my side gigs (or cap gains/interest) become my only full-time because co-workers always want to be friends, sharing they life stories, and when their bullshit boomerangs they start walking looking confused and stupid wondering how or why everyone is in their business.

  2. Girls rarely confide in men they think are straight unless they’ve known them for a while.

    You giving her advice and even pretending to care kind of confirmed it for her.

    Don’t even get caught up in that bullshit. Don’t let these females trick you into being their Iyanla Vanzant at work.

    1. I’ve had to grow out of having so many female friends. They tend to lean on you way too much. They dump all their problems on you and are no where to be found when you’re going through it or they just can’t relate.

      When things are going all wrong with their man they’re blowing your phone up, but when they get back on track you’ve served your purpose. Lol

      I’m not accepting any new female friends. Either we fuckin or we acquaintances meaning it’s “Hi and Bye” lol

  3. Dang you guys make it hard for Jamari to say anything to you guys. Its hard enough for him to say what he really feels without conviction of himself. You guys telling him to leave people alone and not be social is not right. I’ve said it before, Jamari is smart and he isnt going do anything dumb so let him live. Geesh…

    Only thing he did was listen, he didn’t get too involved. He listened and then ate his sandwich. Moreover when she comes back, all he has to say is I doesn’t really know what to say about that because he’s never experienced it.

    1. I didn’t read anyone tell him not to be social. The general consensus was NOT to mess with the dude in the mailroom intimately, which I think is wise advice. Ever heard of not shitting where you eat?

      Also, it didn’t even occur to me that this female could’ve been filling Jamari out by sharing that information with him until Rashad said that. Women don’t confide that shit in just anyone. Telling him to keep his distance from a situation where multiple employees are sleeping together and apparently not being discreet about it in a company with a broad sexual harassment policy is also wise advice.

      Jamari’s a big boy. He can decide whether he wants to take or leave the advice/insight given and deal with the corresponding consequences. I’m pretty sure he put it out there to get insight.

  4. A lot of straight dudes like to flirt with dudes they clock as gay as sport. Unsuspecting gay dudes just wanting to be friendly, engage in the presumed innocent banter. The straight dudes then start talking among themselves about how those “faggots are coming on to them,” when it’s the straight dudes who started the chit chatting as their sport. Before you know it, everybody in the company will be gossiping about you.

    A lot of gay brothers who are not effeminate assume they are not clockable by straights; wrong! If you are as stylish as you say plus attractive, all eyes are on you. You are the new kid on the block. People want to know your story; it’s only natural. I’ve had lots of brothers who are not out say to me that nobody knows. They are fooling themselves. We don’t give straights the credit they deserve. And, quiet as it’s kept, straight men are every bit as gossipy and ratchet as women and queens.

    I’ll say it again; there are 8 million people in New York. Fantasize about people you see on the way to and from work.

    1. Straight dudes throw epic shade–all day–everyday about other men and women.

      I swear the analysts on ESPN throw more shade than all the Real Housewives of Wherever combined.

      Military dudes and athletes are the shadiest of them all. They are the filthiest.

      Fucking spouses and partners just to say they did, backstabbing friends, just this whole negative toxic one-upmanship about any and everything.

      It’s crazy.

  5. Jamari- You need to stay the hell out of the mailroom, boo. The devil comes to kill, steal and destroy! You have been wandering through the celibacy desert for a lot more than 40 days and 40 nights. Now, there is a tall drank of water right there for the taking? Run Forest, Run! I know you understand this but it never hurts to hear it again. Consolidate your blessings before you give the Enemy the opportunity to mess with your situation. And don’t just adopt the “I got this” pose. FLEE from temptation.

    Thus endeth the Old Testament Lesson.

  6. Yo, u need to be careful, I think this chick might have a good gaydar. In my experience, anytime I meet a new girl, and she comes to me early complaining about her relationship, its because she feels safe spilling her secrets to gay dudes, rather to other women and straight dudes. Maybe this has just been my experience though.

    1. Rashad might be on to something. You just got there and she’s spilling her gut with you. Why you? Be careful.

  7. You said “i decided to enjoy my sandwich and stay my ass up out the drama”. Good decision. You asked “can two discreet gays work and play together?” It’s not sexual orientation or ethnicity or race that makes the difference. It’s the two people involved. The right two people–whether gay or straight or bisexual can be married forever. The wrong two people–whether gay or straight or bisexual may not need a divorce because the marriage will be ended by suicide or murder. Yes, I gave you advice on your work situation about a week ago. It’s still good so take a look at it.

  8. Can people ever just work together?They always have to be fucking each other and screwing up their professional life.That is why many companies, including the one you work for, don’t want employees fucking.Do they ever listen though.No.

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