the delicate dance with your coworkers

i’ll never forget the day i walked into a job and it was so uncomfortable.
it was on some serious high school shit.
it happened 3 years ago and i learned quick that it’s easy for folks to switch up.
all it took was the words of one person to change many opinions.
it got so bad that someone wanted to fight me too.
some of these folks i stood up for too.

All it took was one person

this is what can happen with coworkers

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Tales Over Grilled Chicken and French Fries

lpeople like to spill their guts to me.
its the weirdest thing.
here i was,
enjoying my grilled chicken sandwich in the work cafeteria,
when one of my coworkers spotted me.
cute black vixen.
small chest.
fat ass.
she came over and asked if she could sit with me.
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