the delicate dance with your coworkers

i’ll never forget the day i walked into a job and it was so uncomfortable.
it was on some serious high school shit.
it happened 3 years ago and i learned quick that it’s easy for folks to switch up.
all it took was the words of one person to change many opinions.
it got so bad that someone wanted to fight me too.
some of these folks i stood up for too.

All it took was one person

this is what can happen with coworkers

i’m a very charismatic fox.
i use to be super shy,
but i love meeting new people.
i attract many folks due to my energy.
at every job i’ve been at,
it’s always been easy to meet new friends.
i’ve learned tho:

Coworkers are a delicate dance

your job is a place where you spend 8+ hours a day that’s surrounded in politics.
in school,
it was different.
our grades didn’t effect other folks.
you weren’t getting paid either.
i dropped out of high school,
but that didn’t effect my classmates from graduating.

at work,
it’s a different forest.
you’re getting paid,
sometimes higher or lower than your other coworkers,
to do a service for a company.
when money comes into play,
and a boss who holds your destiny in their paws,
you see exactly who your coworkers really are.
not everyone who smiles in your face at work really fucks with you.
stay woke.

go to work,
be “friendly“,
make alliances,

get that money,
and take your ass home.
if you are comfortable to do an after work event,
go right ahead,
but don’t get shit faced drunk or start talking shit about other bosses/coworkers.
you know i love sticking around for 15-30 minutes before i dip.
i won’t lie but i enjoy the co-workers i have now.
they cool af.
when i feel myself getting too familiar tho,
i remember what happened 3 years ago and back TF up.
again: it’s a delicate dance.

don’t rush anything
keep the pace
let them come to you
pull away for need space
let them in slowly (social media invites) if you feel they pass your tests

you have to make sure you always stay in control or else…

7 thoughts on “the delicate dance with your coworkers

  1. I NEVER advise talking shit about ANYONE to a coworker, never say anything that you would not be 1000% comfortable saying TO them, people talk shit about each other ALL the time in my job, and I jus think “There’s mad people around! 🙄 you dnt Think this is gonna get bck to them?!” & when people talk to ME about others I literally jus say “wow I cnt believe it, I never got that from them” lol I could be thinking the same damn thing but you WILL NOT hear it coming out my mouth lol

    1. Say it again. I don’t throw that word around freely. You are a colleague or associate. If I call you friend, your actions have led me to do so. I have four people on my job that I call friend, each one has gone out of their way for me on many occasions, one of them being my supervisor. Everyone else is a colleague. There are a few who try to get me involved in office politics/drama, but I have NO problem letting people know that I can’t be bothered with that foolishness and my head will never be up someone’s ass to get ahead. Way too much pride for that BS. You disrespect me, you will hear it…job be damned. If you let a person mistreat you or disrespect you, they and others will feel that they can get away with it anytime.

      I let my work and work ethic speak for itself. I’ve been recognized and awarded many times, but you do have those who like to test you. They don’t like it and want to see what makes you better than them.

  2. Great post. A huge problem in the Workforce is Nepotism.!!!Many people who start a job ( or have worked there for a while) never know who got hired because of ,,,

    1) Who they are related to

    2) Know

    3) Slept with ( Directly or indirectly)

    Example ; The piece who F#cked his/her way normally works in another department, or location.

    I work in Human Services and a lot of who gets hired is derived from connections!!!!!!!!

    As quite as its kept, Staffing Agencies are simply a club ( Skills needed though) that is nothing more than a trusty friend or family member that provides temp help . They vouch that you are the one to hire!!!


      1. Had one who was the nephew of the boss. Tried to get me to goof off/slack off. I knew he could get away with it, but I couldn’t. So I’d do his work so when the boss came back, I could be above reproach. The boss constantly chewed him out and had nothing but kind words for me.

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