taking dick should come with benefits and 401k

the first time hurt like God knows what.
my first 1/2 was fine af,
so you know i was open,
but he only got it in half way and did a half a stroke before i told him to get out.

Get TF outta me and get out my aunt’s crib

it felt like i was taking a shit but in reverse.
i don’t even think i was skilled in the art of cleaning myself out too.
( x see that entry here )
sorry to that man.
after that,
i didn’t think i would let a wolf up in me again.
if this is how my sex as a fox was gonna be,
i was gonna quit while i was ahead.
all these fine ass wolves and i’d be struggling to get it in all the way.
it was like that the next few times i was trying to thot and bop.

Taking dick ain’t no walk in the park

there is no easy way to get around it.
unlike a pussy

your (fox/wolf)hole is super tight.
even though our g-spots are up in there,
it’s really a bitch to get to it.
it wasn’t until i met this one wolf,
who i dub was the best sex i ever had,
that really helped my dick taking experience be more pleasurable.
he ate and fingered me until i was open.
when it came time for him to slide inside,
it felt so good.
that was the moment when i really experienced dick,
forreal forreal.
he took his time and made sure i was comfortable.

during our last entry about ( x wear and tear on your foxhole ),
a few foxholers were asking about taking dick.

It’s all about patience and comfort

with some experienced folks,
they think you’re just as experienced so they go no mercy.
taking dick is easier for those who are more experienced.
we all had to start somewhere.
it’s okay to let a pineapple know you aren’t a pro in dick taking.
if you don’t,
he’s gonna assume you know what you’re doing.

next thing you know,
you’re in the emergency room bleeding and in need of stitches.
if a male can’t understand this,
then you don’t want him inside you.

one of the biggest tips,
no pun intended,
that have helped me was:

Relax your bawdy when he is trying to enter you

there will be a natural resistance when he is trying to slide his dick inside you.
you have to learn how to relax your muscles so he can penetrate you.
that can be the help of alcohol or weed.
it will feel like you’ll have to take a shit.
that is completely normal.
if you properly cleaned yourself out,
you won’t.
it’s just your bawdy making you feel that you have to.
let him know if something hurts or you need more lube.
the more lube the better.
always be vocal on if anything doesn’t feel right.
you can have him take his dick out,
and try putting it back in as much times as you want.
when you think you’re ready,
arch that back and let him do what he came there to do.
i haven’t had sex in a while so i know the next time i get banged:

i’m tight affffffffffff.
i can be honest.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “taking dick should come with benefits and 401k”

  1. And baby, pray he ain’t slow to cum. If he is, you are in for a long ride Darling! πŸ€¦πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ”₯πŸ’₯

  2. as a bottom, taking dick is a skill in itself.
    I hate when tops try to ram in you when their shit is soft as hell.
    I also hate when guy who can’t put the shit in the right spot. they putting it everywhere where it should go.
    the shit that bottom put up with these so call tops.

  3. Bless y’all hearts (the new young bottoms I mean.)

    Before you have sex with your man, take a warm 15-25 minute bath, I also use organic coconut bath salts (you can buy it from Amazon) it makes you, your asshole and bathroom smell like fvcking magic. Warm water relaxes your muscles, so your asshole will be relaxed too afterwards.

    I sorta strict about cleanliness so the Top better was himself up good too.

    These young Tops (and bottoms) are a mess because they get their ideas from “breeditraw.” That’s not necessarily bad but mainstream porn is scripted as we all know and virtually has no real passion.

    If a Top refuses to do foreplay, he is gone. After a good bath, foreplay is the next step to prepare you for the wood.

    That means he needs to be rimming your asshole. He also needs to be finger ****ing you slowly while talking dirty in your ear. This process needs to go on as he slides in more fingers.

    Sitting on the peen is supposed to be the easiest way but there are others which the young bottoms can research on.

    Train these damn TOPs how to treat your asshole. These young ones are a mess I bet.

    My first time I told him I was never fked before and he still fucked me like an escaped convict from Alcatraz… Never again…sore ass for a few days. πŸ™…πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

    Lucky for me, my spiritual mindset allows my curiosity to flourish into things like Kama Sutra and what not and there are a lot of positions to practice.

    You just have to get your man to try it or find a willing and trustworthy top first you like.

    Gotta have chemistry.

    Hands down, the best nut you can have as a bottom is from a top that literally fvcks the nut out of you. I have yet to have this done but I’m training for it. One day….

    Some of these tops be kinda picky about their own asses. I feel like I wanna get my bf an aneros. I’m hella curious at how that will affect his orgasm…cause the aneros works his prostate too and you know when nikkas be fawking they mind be in Zone 9. πŸ™„

    I’m just out here trying to have my best one on one sex life after years upon years of abstinence. I wanna be 60 still getting good sex, hole still tight and still passionate.

    Me turning 60 is a hella long way from my age now but I got a goal set at least.

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