taking dick should come with benefits and 401k

the first time hurt like God knows what.
my first 1/2 was fine af,
so you know i was open,
but he only got it in half way and did a half a stroke before i told him to get out.

Get TF outta me and get out my aunt’s crib

it felt like i was taking a shit but in reverse.
i don’t even think i was skilled in the art of cleaning myself out too.
( x see that entry here )
sorry to that man.
after that,
i didn’t think i would let a wolf up in me again.
if this is how my sex as a fox was gonna be,
i was gonna quit while i was ahead.
all these fine ass wolves and i’d be struggling to get it in all the way.
it was like that the next few times i was trying to thot and bop.

Taking dick ain’t no walk in the park

there is no easy way to get around it.
unlike a pussy

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