Excuse Me, But That Vixen’s Pussy Is On Fire (VC: 18)

i can appreciate a beautiful vixen,
so when an f-bi sent me this,
i had to post it.
i don’t even care about the wolf rapping,
she is hot…

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 5.23.09 PM

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“The Many Faces of Fuck Up” Starring Breezy Wolf

breezy wolf.
the days of him looking like this…


…are distant memories.
what is happening in his life?
breezy wolf has had a week of fuck ups.
what’s new?
from going in on a valet attendant over 5 dollars:

i would have to punch him in his throat.
way too close baby boy.)

being wanted by the ghana police for smoking weed on stage:

but everyone today is talking about him looking like this

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Frank Ocean’s “Bust” Was Not What You Think

so the gossip blogs got it completely wrong

maybe we got a little excited?…

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Fantasia Says The World Is Doing Things The Bible Doesn’t Agree With (Like Gay Marriage and Weed Smoking)

this is usually the problem with these bible thumping christians.
some church folk like to pull that:

“people always like to judge me,
but I’m still a wreckless heathen who doesn’t care about other people because i can use that repent/prayer/run to the altar thing as a crutch for sinning so i can repeat it again next week.”

it makes for good theatrics at church or online.
fantasia being the latest

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Rihanna and Lady Gaga Battle For “Highest” Costume

i thought her costume was creative.
since she has embraced this new thing she is doing,
i can see WHY she chose this costume…

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f0xmail: How Can I Puff On His Pipe And Get Higher Than The Sky?


Hey Jamari!

Hope all is well. I wrote you about a month ago asking how to score a wolf in the city. Well there was a prospect, army guy, but it completly took me by surprise and fell through the roof. This is a guy who I’ve went to H.S school with for three years. I NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS thought of him as gay, bi. Non of that. I thought he was as straight as you could get. Little did I know he was interested in me and hit me up telling me he liked me and respected me, and basically was givinng me hints without saying HE WANTED TO FUCK! So I invite him over my crib but his dad reads his messgaes and HE’S OUTTED. I didn’t out him he outted himself. But I wasn’t that interested in him anyways. He was too little for me! Lol with that being said, I am still on the prowl searching for the right guy.

So Jamari this is where YOU come in.I’ve know this other wolf for four years now. We went to H.S together as well. He’s always been on my gaydar, I’ve just always seen something feminine about him. We’ve always been cool, and when it’s just me and him, he is a good friend. But when we were our other friends (especially guys) he would tease me about my voice and my weight and things of that sort. But I know he didnt mean them even though sometimes his words bothered me. So with that being said, when people weren’t looking he would squeeze my butt. And do alot of sexual things to me. But he “plays gays” alot and I still thought he was straight, so it made me hesitant to approach him.

So long story short, he sells weed, and I told him last week I coming through to his crib and we going to smoke. I’m buying it for us to smoke, something I don’t normally do. We’ve been texting through out the week on which day were going to do it and finally decided on Wednesday. So my question(s) to you is:

-How do I get him to know, I’m down to fuck?

-Do you think he’s expecting me to give him some ass?
-And how do I seduce him (let him know I want him) without looking OBVIOUS or anxious, or looking like the stupid gay guy in the end?

He fucks a lot of girls so Idk if if he’s a straight wolf/dl/bi or whatever, but I want to officially find out on Wednesday. What should I do? What should I wear?


Thanks and Love you.


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