We Might Need Some Mental Evaluations For Our Co Workers

i always joked that at my last job,
an ex employee was gonna come up in there and start shooting.
the way how they did some of us…
they better be glad we all sane.
you never know which one of your co workers is missing a screw.
everyone say goodbye to andre slocumn jr.
he is the wolf in the above picture.
he was murdered his his co worker tuesday morning in atlanta.
an f-bi sent in the story via wsb-tv
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Who Killed Kenneka Jenkins?

so i got put on this story and i been hooked.
it’s like a real life alleged murder mystery,
but the hood version being played out on social media.
it seems we are all trying to solve it as well.
i’m sure my f-bi will have the killer in no time.
so everyone say goodbye to 19 year old,
kenneka jenkins.

she was found dead in the hotel freezer of the crowne plaza chicago o’hare hotel in chicago.
how she got there is the question we all want answers too.
none of the “she randomly walked in there” story make sense.
her “friends” seem to know,
but no one is talking.
all we have is this alleged fb live video from the night of…
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Did Earl English Kill Himself or Was He Killed?

everyone say goodbye to earl english.
according to the f-bi who sent me the story,
he was really popular on “jack’d”.
it was looking like he killed himself,
but dekalb police in atlanta are saying he was murdered.
peep the following from projectq
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They Killed Will Sims For The New Hateful Nation of Donald Trump

everyone say goodbye to will sims.

this story came at such an ironic time that i’ll get into later.
it really made me have to look myself,
and even the foxhole,
a lot differently because there will probably be more of “this”.
so an f-bi sent me this tragic story from the ny daily news.
i had to share it with the foxhole…
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Jealously May Have Killed Ahmad Love Yesterday

image1everyone say goodbye to kenneth “ahmad” love.
one of my foxholers,
who went to college with him,
sent me this story.
this is a gist of what was said in the foxmail:

“Good looking, popular “straight” guy comes out after college. Makes a post Friday about how he’s excited to go visit a friend in OK this weekend.

Apparently dudes boyfriend he’s visiting in OK got jealous, rushes to apartment. Grabs a golf club to his dude with, but dude is so solid it breaks in half and dudes boyfriend ends up impaling him. Died right there.”

it caused me to gasp out loud at work.
now this is what the news report for thv11..
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RIP To Dwyane Wade’s Cousin, Nykea Aldridge

HT_NYKEA1_DC_160827_12x5_1600everyone say “goodbye” to dwayne wade’s cousin,
nykea aldridge.
she was gunned down today in chicago.
dwyane was just talking about the gun violence in chicago yesterday on espn too.
abc news has the full story…
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