What The Fuck Do U Want From Me?

So last entry was the depression.
You KNOW I don’t like to stay on that to long.
You can’t keep a good Fox down, right?

So we will go on the uplifting part….

What had bothered me (and us) about ourselves and this lifestyle was merely mental.
You can do something about it.
So, we decided to do a little exercise that ended up allowing me to see what kind of man I wanted
and what I should be concentrating on.

You can also play along too.
Trust me, it’s fun.

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a-ha (lower case)

I was sitting on the phone speaking to a good friend of mine last week.
You know those kind of friends that you know by the time you hang up,
you will feel inspired and ready to go climb a fuckin’ mountain?

like Oprah usually says,
I had an A-HA moment during said conversation and I got the Epiphany of my life.

One of which made me feel worst.

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