What The Fuck Do U Want From Me?

So last entry was the depression.
You KNOW I don’t like to stay on that to long.
You can’t keep a good Fox down, right?

So we will go on the uplifting part….

What had bothered me (and us) about ourselves and this lifestyle was merely mental.
You can do something about it.
So, we decided to do a little exercise that ended up allowing me to see what kind of man I wanted
and what I should be concentrating on.

You can also play along too.
Trust me, it’s fun.

Before speaking to my friend,
I have spoken to a new TOP friend in my life thru emails that also gives great mind fucks.
He said, when starting out looking for anyone is:

Rules to the Game:

1. Determine what position you are going to play and play it ( creep partner, boo, Friend with Benefits, nigga on the side) once u make that choice stick with and accept that you made that choice.

2. No matter what remember rule 1 don’t let anyone change your position for you – you decide.


There is it.
I didn’t know what I was really looking for.
Some days I wanted sex and other days I just wanted to be held.

Now was the time to really decide what it was I wanted and wanted to be.

So I had thought about it HEAVY,
and then conversation with my friend days later merged the topic.
He told me take out a piece of paper and write this:


Wolf 1.

Muscular Build
Very Attractive
Drives: Infiniti
In life/Masculine
Has boys in life/Pretty Social

Wolf 2.

Drives: BMW
Cubicle Office Guy
Plays BBall (sports)/Discreet

Wolf 3.

Drives: Hummer
Discreet and hangs with straight dudes, but understanding of the lifestyle

Wolf 4.

Drives: Aviator
Not as social/Goes clubbing once and a blue moon

Wolf 5.

Muscular as Hell
Fine as Hell
Drives: Dodge Magnum (hooked up)
Personal Trainer
D/L/Isn’t into the lifestyle PERIOD

5 Wolfs.

Ones you can meet in this lifestyle who are TOPS.
(descriptions are how I was told)
Now, let’s get onto their personalities….

Wolf 1.

He is much more experienced.
Longest relationship is 4 years.
Steady chill type/open to another relationship
He has been hurt and apprehensive to get in another relationship but wants to be.

A lot more experienced and comfortable with himself. He likes the chase and it goes both ways. Never leaving you in the dark. He gives off the vibe he is the man. Can be very scolding, stubborn, and jealous over you. Isn’t scared to ask you out on a date.

Your Role: Exclusive Fox In Time

Wolf 2.

He wants to be in a relationship/ready to settle down
Never been in a relationship
Dating with intentions to start a relationship
Calls all the time/texts all the time/Needy

He is very understand. Overly sweet.  Wants you to commit NOW. Does whatever you want. Buys you whatever you want. Doesn’t really give you much space because he is scared he will lose you.

Your Role: Exclusive Fox Right NOW

Wolf 3.

Looking to chill
Occasionally fuck
Longest relationship was 6 months
Doesn’ttalk about relationship at all/Doesn’t even MENTION it
Will call/text back when you send him a message

Doesn’t know much about the lifestyle. Little things. Kind. Caring. Helpful. Nothing really has been shown to you so you have little to work on. Just going with the flow of things.

Your Role: Boo

Wolf 4.

Just got out of a relationship
Wants Fuck Buddy only
Only calls/texts when he is ready to fuck
He gets attached after good sex you provide/doesn’t want you to fuck anyone else

He is going to do him always. He is the man. He doesn’t want you giving the ass away.
He may have others but you are his priority fuck. You are on the top of his list.
You are the MAIN fuck buddy on his agenda.

Your Role: Jump Off

Wolf 5.

Only there to FUCK
Only relationships were with women
Go thru back door/come over at 2 in the morning
He only calls/texts when HE needs it

You really don’t know shit. You just know the SEX is the fuckin’ BOMB!

Your Role: Bust It Baby

… and there you have it.

Now I know who I picked.

Who did you pick?

All of these guys we have met once, twice, or three times in this business.
All have various roles in our lives like listed or were only used for one role (or used us).

Truth be told, a MAJORITY of dudes start out as Wolf 5. and then move on up the list.
I had a few start out as Wolf 2. and scared the hell out of me because it is way to easy.
Some started out as Wolf 5./then move up to Wolf 1./and then for whatever reason,
drop to Wolf . 4.

Some stay as Wolf 5.  on our lists forever and become a Wolf 1. for someone else.

Hope this helped you, as it did me, in some way.

Coming blog,
what my friend’s TOP was telling him while I listened in on the 3-way.

Later Foxes

3 thoughts on “A-HA (ALL CAPS)

  1. OH!! and we sssooo do have the same taste in men! Its so nice to meet someone else who does. Although there are men me and my friends all drool over, the majority of the time I find a lot of my friends like “girls” and little boys… and im left wondering if they have older brothers.

  2. As i was going through each of their stats i was like OMG WOLF 4!!!! And then i got to the description and i was like.. damn… okay…WOLF #1!! and maybe #2 cuz i like to feel needed. But you were absolutely right thought. Often times they move between one or the other. So far most ive met are at Wolf 5 and pretend to be something else. I often wonder if its because they haven gotten it all out of their system. Like when they arent the finest one in the club anymore… maybe thats when they’ll settle down. It DEFINITELY isnt because they haven’t found the “right one”… because even the right one still get cheated on.

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