Colin Kaepernick Bodied GQ. RG3 Who?

foxapprovedrg3 who?
colin kaepernick shares the cover with him on gq in september.
i guess they knew they needed another baller wolf guaranteed to sell covers.
colin is that baller wolf.
again i ask:
rg3 who????

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I’d Take That D

drake-gqdrake is what you would call:
a hubby.
he has separated himself from the wannabes and the bad boys.
he knows his lane and doesn’t try to be anything else.
plus he always seems to come off so freakin’ charming.
i was rather impressed with his articulate interview with gq for july.
i got some quotes from the article…

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The Dragon Is Back And All The Other Vixens Are Scared (VC: 15)

every year we can expect a beyonce take over.
she goes hard for the entire year until she feels it is time to stop.
the other singers probably thank their lucky stars.
2013 is the year she regains steam again.
she has the super bowl coming up,
a new album,
and other stuff to make us sick of her by mid may.
her first stop is up and coming gq for february…

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Frankie Wants You To Move On From The “Bi-Sexual” Thing

this is definitely frank ocean’s year.
new music coming out.
working with beyonce and alicia keys on their albums.
did the song for the django unchained movie.
and has a potential new boyfriend.
all is good right?
well frankie had some stuff to say about the letter and him coming out in the new GQ

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Is This Who Frankie Is Giving The Meat Too?

is this your new boy toy?…

well let’s see him
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Chris Paul Takes You Back To Prep School

gq is on a roll.
first victor and now chris?
they never let me down.

everyone knows chris paul is a looker and one of the best point guards in the league.
everyone knows i love clothes and style.
well then everyone should know i would post about his spread in the latest gq

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