How To Spot A Bad Bitch… And Not In The Good Way 101


In the Concrete Forest,
it is important to have a great team behind you.
Sadly with the small amount of people to trust,
you must have a “Bad Friend Beacon” on everyone who comes into your space.
It is relatively easy once you have been fucked over by bad people.
They start showing their true colors even if they come off a standard black and white.
Never think that because you tell all your secrets to someone,
they are actually keeping them.
They could keep them in storage OR telling someone else that is their friend.
So how can you spot someone with the evil eye?
How can you make sure you never fall into the “bad friend” net?
I had to wonder…

What ABOUT the people I call my “friends“?

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It Is Hard To Be The One Who Takes The Peen

It must be hell being a Fox, huh?

I’m asking YOU that question, seriously…
So they are saying that in Fox-dom, we are the lowest common denominator.
We tend to fall victim to all the bullshit going on around us.
We can never have real friends because everyone is always catty.
We can never be too feminine because we fit into that “stereotype” hairdresser or gay boyfriend.
Vixens always think we are some Dr. Phil for their own doomed love lives,
or we are an extended bitch on their shopping trips.
When we do meet a decent Wolf, being together for 2 months = 2 years.
We can never meet a decent Wolf because he only wants a relationship with our ass.
And then, we always must enter every room with our butt cheeks first.
As we see ourselves as the perfect Fox,
we get bombarded with images and ideals of what we “should” be or what we aren’t.

So, my fellow Fox…

Isn’t all that shit just… exhausting?

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When It’s Over… Fuck Him.

The Champ is here!
Currently un-defeated!


Do you know when something is done?
Like when a tv show is losing steam?
Someone’s career has fallen off?
You have no money in your wallet but you still want to shop?

Ok the last one is a bad example but…

Do you know when you need to STOP?

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Weekend Getaway, Pt I

I am a VERY complex Fox.

I will not deny the contridictary undertones Jamari Fox makes.
I wouldn’t have you guys so hooked on my phonics if I wasn’t.

Some days I feel like gettin’ a nut; some days I don’t.

A Fox does go through things where I may feel the need to get deep.
Not everytime I want IT in me deep.

Do I give off such a sexual aura
that dudes are only interested in fuckin’ me?

This is a 2 parter… 

True story also.

Here is what happened…

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Shit In The Air (Nigga Duck!)

Story time!
Gather round!

Once upon a time,
there were 2 Foxes who grew up together.

They were the best of friends who did everything (well almost everything) together.
They vowed that they would have each others back
thru the good times and the bad…

… that is,
until one Fox started getting steady dick downs and his brain squeezed thru his ears.

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