How To Spot A Bad Bitch… And Not In The Good Way 101


In the Concrete Forest,
it is important to have a great team behind you.
Sadly with the small amount of people to trust,
you must have a “Bad Friend Beacon” on everyone who comes into your space.
It is relatively easy once you have been fucked over by bad people.
They start showing their true colors even if they come off a standard black and white.
Never think that because you tell all your secrets to someone,
they are actually keeping them.
They could keep them in storage OR telling someone else that is their friend.
So how can you spot someone with the evil eye?
How can you make sure you never fall into the “bad friend” net?
I had to wonder…

What ABOUT the people I call my “friends“?

I have had a 50/50 mix of people throughout my life.
I am lucky enough to have friends for years that I trust.
Then, I know who are my associates and acquaintances.
I use to call EVERYONE my friend.
I would end up with egg on my face and a couple of stab wounds in my back.
To this day, I still have the scars.

I have gotten used before in my past.
I let people who didn’t even like me into my home,
borrow my car,
and put food in their mouth.
Now, I realized that it was all just a lie because I had “nice things”.
I treat people like I treat a potential Wolf.
Because of this, I can spot a fake a mile away.
I know who is lying, fronting, and just talking out their ass.
In this lifestyle, it seems like everyone in every corner.

Here are a few tips (out of the hundreds) I have put together for the rookies out there:


They talk about EVERYONE.
I mean, they will talk about their own mama.
They never have anything positive to say about anyone..
They are always nit-picking someone for the smallest things.
Things that would need someone who was really paying attention to figure out.
If you meet anyone out the gate who is talking shit about people,
they will ultimately talk about you.

(they do make for great spies and background checkers.
use them wisely.)


They never have money and always want you to pay.
They never have somewhere to go, so they are always at your house.
They never have any good advice for you, because they are always talking about themselves.
They never invite you anywhere, because they are scared you will take their shine.
Always watch out for the highlighted word.


They are useless.
They don’t have goals.
They are broke as shit.
They can never go out because they never have money.
But have money to buy weed and likka.
Oh really?


They are ALWAYS depressed.
They are surrounded by a cloud of negativity.
They start off every fucking sentence with what is wrong.
I mean damn,
didn’t you wake the fuck up this morning with all your body parts still in tact nigga?

I know life gets hard but come the FUCK on…

Believe it or not,
that cloud will land over you sooner or later.
I believe people can transfer energy to each other.
Watch out for people who have continuous bad luck or never have good experiences.
Key sign: how many friends do they have/how many have they chased away?


They have a history of sleeping with other people’s Wolves/Hybrids/Vixens/and Foxes.
No explanation needed.


When you grow, your quality of life should also.
Why would you still live in the projects with 100,000 in your savings account and 500,000 in checking?
If your friend is fighting, instigating, or simply just ghetto, then you may have to do a strong re-evaluation.
Why would you want to introduce this person to potential clients, your boss, or even your family?
You know what they say: Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.


Segue into the following rule:
you can tell a person by the people they choose to hang out with.
I don’t care how much of a slut their friends are,
why would a virgin hang with them?
Sooner or later,
the influence will jump in their spirit.
Next thing you know,
they are face down; ass up on the Choo Choo train express.
If your friend is masculine,
but he chooses to hang with queens,
what do you think you are about to get?
If your friend finds joy with their messy ass Hyena and Jackal friends,
best believe,
your business is about to be all over the club scene.


Watch people who do the opposite of what you say,
especially when they came to you for advice.
I sat here,
after your poured your heart out to me about that triflin ass Wolf,
and then went and spin on his dick again and gave his money?
Do NOT trust that person.


Watch out for bullies who come off like “friends“.
It will be a constant power struggle and you will ultimately lose.


Never fuck with people who are liars.
The firsts sign of a bold face liar needs to be called out.
If it continues, then you need to GO!

a true friend is someone is someone who makes themselves available for you.
Whether it is good times or bad,
you know they are there and have your back.
The favor is always returned because it is a smooth game of ping-pong.
If your friend is lazy and the flow is always disrupted,
then why would you even fuck with that person.

I always believe that sometimes we can blame EVERYONE for things that go wrong,
but we ever look in the mirror and ask this simple question:


You may just find our answer.
Hope you learned something.

Tips are greatly appreciated—->

13 thoughts on “How To Spot A Bad Bitch… And Not In The Good Way 101

  1. I keep a very tight circle and don’t really have too many of these experiences, but they are good to keep in mind. I am very cautious about what I share and with whom.

    This just reminded me about something that J. Lo did to find out who was spreading her business. When she narrowed down the culprits, she created her own rumor and shared it with someone. When the word got out, she dropped that person from her team.

  2. Only thing missing is jealousy.

    Never befriend or trust anyone who is jealous of you or anything in your life. Befriend those who are content within themselves and will be happy for your contentment in life.

    They are the worst kind of friend because at one time they will have your back, but as soon as life smacks you down, they seem turn on you at the most inopportune times, and you never see it coming until it hits you.

    And then you to keep your wits about you while you plan their murder…

    1. If anyone notices with the BBW,
      for instance,
      they are instigators and two faced.
      They all have the same trait.
      This is why they hang so tight and created a circle.

      Shaunie and Evelyn are low key bullies.
      They bullied Royce.
      This is why Tami fits in with them so much.
      Tami plays both sides,
      but that is her true character when she gets around those two.
      Tami also seems to exhibit low self esteem because she started kissing Evelyn’s ass from jump.
      She either likes Evelyn or admires her.

  3. All my friends and associate are alcoholics…or whores…or both. So I guess that makes me a …

    I don’t like this post very much. Lol

  4. Great point Jamari. You have wisdom it takes some folks decades to attain. Shit most never get it. I found you attract what you give out. Fucked up people tend to hang with fucked up peeps. But light also attracts dark. Watch out for those vampires!

  5. Damn Jamari, now I dont have any friends(LOL) I Have dealt with everyone of these types of people. I am looking at myself, cause so many of my friends are whoreish, giving myself the side eye(lol) seriously, I am not a smoker or heavy drinker and when I just stop and think about my inner circle, none of them smoke or really drink so I think many times we subconciously choose people who are more like us than we realize. I am bad though about discussing some of my friends bad habits with other mutual friends. I have really been trying to work on that about myself, I try to get feedback before I bring it to that person or ask should I even bring it up. I do however believe in distancing myself from my friends friends who are negative and have bad qualities that I dont care for.

    I do notice in this lifestyle, it is a lot of bad bloods between different men, and you never know who knows who and more importantly who has slept with who to create all this animosity. A word to the wise never trust your innermost secrets with anyone in this life unless you are willing to hear it again. I cant tell you how many times, casual friends of mine have told me about their best friends-health status, who they were sleeping with, their credit rating and it goes on without you even asking for that information. The gay lifestyle for whatever reason breeds messiness to a whole other level.

  6. Jamari everything you wrote is True. This made me revaluate things just a little bit.

    1. He has a good head on his shoulders. I bet if he wrote a book it would be a top seller.

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