Guess Who Colin Kaepernick Maybe Banging This Week?

tumblr_mr8p5erlZF1s3xkxjo1_500no no no.
it ain’t me.

well it wouldn’t be reported period.

anyway our favorite baller wolf exxxotical,
colin kaepernick,
has allegedly hooked up with none other than…
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Future Decided To Put A Ring On It (Ciara Being It)

ciaraandfutureciara and future are allegedly engaged!
couldn’t be me.
that wolf already came with a village,
baby mama drama,
and an f-bi said she’s allegedly about to become another one.
am i the only one who would be stingy with my pussy if i was a vixen?
not every wolf could drop “open in 9 months” packages off up in there.
i like drop offs where i can see em:
my checking and savings account.
congrats tho!

lowkey: baby and drama free colin kaepernick tried to get at her on twitter.
her pussy is obviously on the fritz.

This Is What Power Can Get You (U.O.E.N.O.)

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.39.24 AMScreen Shot 2013-09-30 at 9.39.32 AMaaaah.
the smell and look of power.
i don’t care who it is,
how you look,
or how you act…
when you pay your dues and finally achieve power,
you get access to fuck whatever you want.
you think colin kaepernick would have bagged sanaa lathan if he worked as a mailman?
now that he has become the new “it” baller wolf,
and everyone wants a piece,
it has opened his coochie options.
the kaeperwives (his stans) are having a fit.
that’s how you know this was a good pairing.
welcome to the blogs colin!

lowkey: lets be real.
she has a movie coming out.
he’s the baller wolf sex symbol at the moment.
you think this was by accident?
this has us talking.


x visit sanaa
x visit colin

Colin Kaepernick Bodied GQ. RG3 Who?

foxapprovedrg3 who?
colin kaepernick shares the cover with him on gq in september.
i guess they knew they needed another baller wolf guaranteed to sell covers.
colin is that baller wolf.
again i ask:
rg3 who????

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RG3 Put Me Under A Spell With My Baller Wolf Weakness

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.00.14 PMrg3,
pusha t and andre 3000 long lost brother,
is going to make me like him.

he is going to make me want him.
okay so i wont go that far.
well he decided to wear some nice clothes to get my attention.
my weakness!
l he copped the september cover for gq an…

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