Stop Trying To Make Trey Songz “Gay” (It Ain’t Gon Happen)

Screen-Shot-2014-03-26-at-11.40.36-AMdon’t get too excited foxhole.
that tweet by trey songz happens to be fake.
not real.
no bueno.
ain’t happening.
no need to show up backstage at his tour expecting to get dug out @ his hotel.
no i did not ever fantasize that.
anyway he decided to respond on twitter about it and well…

insidejamtreysongzgiphy he tole ya’ll.
well he has every right to defend himself.
doesn’t he know that gay rumors means you’ve made it?
i’d personally like him to address his “lack of growth” as an artist.
smoking weed and still singing about getting ratchet pussy,
all while trying to spit a verse,
seems very “bonus material from chapter 5” to me.
“na na” will not make me cum up off my 12 dollars.
i’m telling him that right now.
aside from your sex hungry and funky stans,
a fox needs more.

tweets found @ his twitter

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Stop Trying To Make Trey Songz “Gay” (It Ain’t Gon Happen)”

  1. He has regressed as an artist, I am disappointed in him. All he cares about is pleasing the ladies at this point, but when when a younger, finer version of him hits the scene, he will be forgotten about. That is the way it works.

  2. He tries too hard.He comes with a title that is a double entendre but the song fails for me because it’s so obvious what he’s hinting at.Like The Man said, Trey was way better before his popularity that came after Chris beat up Rihanna.

    lol that gif tho.

  3. never got ppl love of a c list artist like him, many other fine brothers who could actually sing out there

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