In Transit

tumblr_lq1sdgjaTj1qm5ogcso you know when i discover something,
the foxhole gets it next.
you’ll get my bill.
anyway so there was an app in the app store being advertised.
i’m a sucker for a life changing app,
so i said,
“why not?!”.
it’s called “transit”,
and if you’re anything like me,
it will definitely come in handy…

wpid-512-full“transit” basically is an app that lets you know how far your next train is.
so lets say you are running kinda late,
like i have been for the last 2 days for whatever reason,
the app will give you the times the train should be reaching the station.
minus sick passengers and wshh foolery.
not only that,
the train icon moves in real time.
helpful if you need to start running or not.
if you need to know if “transit” is running in your area,


may you (and i) never be (kinda) late again.

tumblr_m2k7m01mtt1r7ng8fo1_500to download it now to your phone:

x iphone

x android

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “In Transit”

  1. Oh wow that is so useful……. And for the of us who don’t live in a city with a train line we can use our map app

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