Stick You For Your Cream and Your Lottery Riches

tumblr_mygqj7PUIB1sic2wro1_500i was one who said,
that if i ever won the lottery,
i would like to remain anonymous.
the thought of having to give my name,
and show my face,
brings me tremendous anxiety.
mo money; mo problems.
suddenly you gonna have relatives you didn’t know you had.
you won’t know who is on your “side” anyone.
money can change those around you.
well when i read this story about a recent murdered lottery winner,
i was definitely right in how i would handle it.
check it out this story via wsbtv


A Georgia man who was a recent lottery jackpot winner was murdered early Thursday in a home invasion robbery.
Craigory Burch Jr., 20, won $434,272 when he hit the Fantasy 5 jackpot last November.

Burch’s girlfriend, who was at home at the time of the incident ran for help, but Burch died from gunshot wounds that he suffered in the attack.

Authorities have not released information about suspects, according to WALB.

Burch’s friends said the man was a forklift operator who used some of his lottery winnings to buy Christmas presents for those in need.


this whole story just screams “set up” tho.
even though…
how would one assume he kept money in his crib?
and how do we know he didn’t tell everyone about his recent win?
not to slander the dead,
but he could have been an attentionisto aside the good deeds.
its tragic all around.
i hope they catch the muthafuckas involved.

lowkey: i would have won the lottery and still went to work.
business as usual.
i’d be real laid back with my shit.

article source: wsbtv

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Stick You For Your Cream and Your Lottery Riches”

  1. Wow… i will NEVER get ppl and why they… we do the things we do. RIP

    Oh and if i ever won…… aint no cash at home bih.

  2. Jeez! Can’t catch a break in this world. Something good happens to one of our own, and then it just gets countered by stuff like this. I would have loved to be happy for him. It’s terrible what happened to him, but you gotta be smart out here! It’s too dangerous to have your name on blast like that with the amount. Life is like a big game of chess, you can’t let your guard down or checkmate! May he R.I.P.

  3. So sad to read, I hope he ca test in peace and I hope they find the people who did this.

    I’m the same if I ever won I woukdn to want it to be made public knowledge either.

  4. Yeah I read this yesterday and was blown b/c during the whole billion $ frenzies I was reading over past winner’s stories and came across his…I thought he had a cute, thuggish (if u will) look to him and thought to myself ‘good for him, hope he puts it good use’….now look at this sad b/s…maaaaaan, ninjas and flies, I swear….

  5. As far as I know, and the last time I checked, only these states allowed a lottery winner to remain anonymous: Ohio, North Dakota, Delaware, Kansas or Maryland. Georgia allows you to remain anonymous if you give 25% of your winnings to them (which means they are pretty much extorting you). Michigan’s legislature took up the measure to allow lottery winners to remain anonymous, but I don’t know what became of that.

    If you claim using a trust, you still have to sign on the dotted line, which means you’re not anonymous either, but there are perks to doing this instead of claiming as an individual.

    Put simply, the days of wanting to win the lottery while never having to tell a soul are slim to none.

    1. I was just about to say all of this and the sad thing is a lot of people don’t know that their info is public knowledge. The only thing they can’t force you to do is show your face on camera but if someone calls up inquiring about the winner, they are required to and will give out your full name and city of residence. That is why the best thing to do as soon as you win is move and get a new number.

      1. ^this is absolutely scary info.
        i learn something new everyday.
        i will mos def not return to my home if I ever won.
        ill have movers take my key,
        get my shit,
        and change all information about me.

    2. Wow, I did not know this! Incredible! Well, if this story isn’t a reason for some change, I don’t know what is!
      That’s messed up!

      1. America was founded on a healthy mistrust of government. There have been lottery scams in several states. The two most egregious that come to mind are in Pennsylvania and Iowa. In the 1980s in PA, they used a chemical on all the Pick 3 balls so only the combo 666 would come out. Of course only a “select” population (meaning the mob) got to cash in, which raised eyebrows. Now they have to weigh the balls before the drawing. In Iowa, they used a system called RNG which is an acronym for random number generator. Long story short, a man who did security for the multi-state lottery association used his security clearance, equipped with a flash drive, and manipulated the numbers. He bought the sole winning ticket worth $15 million and then tried to find several people to cash it for him. He was recently convicted. But the kicker is, he allowed family and friends to cash in, too. He was manipulating other RNG lotteries. The lesson here is, even with the lottery, if there is a will, there will be a way to scam. That’s why most states require public ID of lottery winners.

    3. After reading about this tragedy, I was prompted to look up which states can you claim your lottery winnings with anonymity. I found out basically what you wrote. In addition, you should create a trust (llc) preferably with an estate lawyer. You’ve given me some more info though about Georgia, because someone in a group mentioned that you can remain anonymous if you “break the off” a lil’ something. Thanks Pierre

  6. Some humans are evi creaturesl, plain & simple.

    Amazing what people will do for green pieces of paper but I digress…

    I have a tiny circle of people I talk to that I know have helped me through hard struggles in the past. These are the people that will be with me should I excel even higher in the future…Everyone else will be ignored…

    My money will be for me, those who have always stuck by my side & those truely in need…

    My money going straight to the bank in several saving deposits.

    1. #Jai…I say the same thing. If you were there BEFORE, you’ll be there afterwards. Everyone else can kick rocks. I will give my number to my mom and my siblings…that’s it. No one else. And if they give out my number they will be cut off. LOL
      Only idiots (most criminals) would think that a person would keep large amounts of money in their home. Maybe someone making money illicitly would do that, or perhaps someone that can’t open a bank account…outside of that I can’t see a person keeping large amounts of money in their home. That’s just crazy.
      I would definitely be moving though, that’s for certain. You win a large amount of money, you better believe the “family” members and “friends” will come out of the woodwork. That’s where you need to trim the fat, so to speak, separating those who’ve been there for you form those who have not. Not everyone is your friend, and many people are in our lives for what we can give or do for them, and not what they can give us.
      As much as we want to believe that we can continue the way we were…that’s not happening. You will constantly have people with their hands outstretched looking for a hand-out.

    2. This is a sad story. Reminds me of the guy that won the millions in the Florida lottery and the woman he trusted had him killed to get his money.

  7. Mo’ money, mo’ problem….May he rest in peace and receive justices for the unlawful murder. I hope those murderers get what coming to them.

  8. If I ever win the lottery, I wouldn’t want anybody to know. I’ll still go to work and all. Unfortunately, I live in a state where it’s considered public record. Therefore, they have to put my name in the paper (including my address).

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