The Start of The First Day of My New Life

tumblr_n0ral73jD41scm50ao1_1280i was called into my boss’s office before it was time for me to go.
how convenient.
i was also waiting for my check,
but my boss was holding it.
before i could get it,
we had to “talk” first.
i thought it was the end of the road for me.
i was nervous,
but i felt sorta relieved.
when i walked into his office,
mr green was also in there as well…

in a nutshell,
my boss threw me under the bus in front of mr green.
he said:

– not being a team player
– not smiling enough
– calling out for my back issue
– my co worker said i take too much breaks (when he actually takes too much breaks)
– i lean forward in my chair and it looks unprofessional (because my back was hurting from said chair)

latestwhen the grass is cut,
the snakes surely slither out.
i felt like a knife went through my back and out the front.
the final thing my boss said:

“everyone has such good things to say about you,
the vps and assistants love you,

but i’m not happy with you as of right now.
i don’t know if you want to stay or go?
are you happy or not?
you have been here for so long that i think you might be over it.”

i am over that job.
i am over being the dependable idiot for them.
others who werent/arent get a free pass to do whatever.
it’s funny how everyone else has good things to say about me,
yet my boss has all these issues.
liar liar left for this very reason.
well they didn’t fire me,
but he gave me a verbal warning.
so basically,
if i look in the wrong direction going forward,
he actually will.original

let’s continue tomorrow.
i apologize.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “The Start of The First Day of My New Life”

    1. ^fuck yeah…

      i made sure to defend myself when it was my time to speak.
      how you gonna tell me leaning forward looks unprofessional?
      it’s their fault i’m even leaning forward.
      i have been a team player since this asshole got here.
      he likes to put people against each other,
      and save his own ass.
      i havent been doing anything different.
      this is all bullshit and i wish he would have fired my ass today.

      1. I wonder if your situation falls under OSHA. Hmm… you know you should call them to pay a visit to your spot. Have you looked into opportunities with the government or city office jobs?

  1. Glad to hear that! I was scared you didn’t say anything. That is the sound of someone who is jealous of the praise that you get, even though you are not in a supervisory position. They don’t like that…but guess what, they’ll get over it!

    Try to play me in front of others, I’ll just break out my little log book and take your ass down a peg or two…making sure to slide in a comment that any hint of retaliation would not look good for the company.
    I got burned many years ago by a supervisor, and I swore that would never happen to me again. Now I take notes of what goes on in the office, ESPECIALLY when I work with snakes. Like right now we have this chick who works part time and it seems like every damn week she’s on vacation or taking a vacation day. How the hell can you do that when you don’t get vacation days as a part-timer. Of course it goes down in my log book because the dumb ass managers actually say that she’s on vacation. LOL

    Oh, and hope you get at that dude who tattled on you and said you take too many breaks! He and I would be having some choice words outside of the building or in the bathroom. Keep MY name out of your mouth and stop spreading lies about me to take the eyes off you. Trust me, the end result won’t be pretty. You can take that any way you want. Again…keep MY name out of your mouth.

    1. ^i think that shit pissed me off the most.
      that pineapple takes pride in not doing work,
      yet he gonna tell my boss some lie?!?!
      the fuck?!?!
      i take my breaks and come back on time.
      don’t even get my started because im tite right now…

  2. I think you should write a memo for your hr file stating your accomplishments, compliments etc. So if they do fire you you have a case. Document the reason you called out. And request an accommodation for your back. They are violating labor law if they do not respond and you have documentation if theu do fire u

  3. Reading this got me so pissed off because if tho you are over this job you still come in and do what you need to do not because you want to but because you need it for the time being. How is it that everyone else has good things to say about you but your boss has the issue.

    This is just them being petty about you calling out for your back. Point blank

  4. I remember when I was a Paralegal and I literally had to walk out of the office in order to not go to jail for fucking up one of my “supervisors”. It was like Satan possessed me I got so mad. After that day, I told myself that I would never let anyone have that much power over my emotions. I ended up quitting without having another job. In December. Snow was everywhere. You gotta leave bro. If you have some money saved up, just bow out before this job plagues you well after you left. It will get to a point where the stress will go from being a physical pain to a mental one. You created the foxhole from scratch and I’m confident that you can make a new reality for yourself.

    1. ^im tempted to quit this job.
      im so tempted,
      but I feel this is want they want me to do.
      they don’t want to pay unemployment so they will torment until you walk out the door.

      1. I feel that sometimes ppl use that unemployment money to rock out and lazily look for a job. I’m not suggesting that will be you, but if you were to quit without a cushion, your back would be against the wall and you would FORCE yourself to cast that big net everyday. I did it after I quit my paralegal gig and I found something before that month was up. But looking for work is a full time job too.

  5. I know you are not happy there and you have been there for quite a while, but I do not want them to let you go either. I remember the state you were in when you were not working. My advice to you is to cooperate with them as much as you can, even though you may not feel like it.

  6. This doesn’t make sense. Do you have sick leave? Well then you can call out. You don’t smile enough? When is that a prerequisite of doing a job? Are you getting the work done? That’s all the fuck that matters. Leaning forward in your chair? Well if it’s a fucked up chair how else are you going to work? They believe someone who says you take too many breaks without observing or documenting that? That’s hearsay. Fuck that job. Smile, do what they say and collect your check and start really looking. It’s time to go. Matter of fact one of the main reasons for back problems is stress. That job could be affecting your health. Please stay in the job…I went through your unemployment phase with you and I don’t want you to go through that again. Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

  7. J. Sum up the conversation y”all had and email them…this day and date the 3 of us had a conversation in which you said i dont smile enough etc. And you mail it to them both…evidence! They must not know about you….they think you’re weak….hang in there brother and let them fire you.

  8. Don’t quit just yet continue documenting everything while building a defense for yourself, start looking for another gig in the meantime. Have you considered reaching out to a company for journalism? You are a great writer with a huge audience maybe your hobby is set to become your provision. And honestly they can’t do anything against in regards to your back. If they tried to do anything you could have so much litigation fall on their assets that their grandchildren will need lawyers and I would also keep my distance away from that snake ass coworker who is dry snitching. People will throw you under the bus in order to save face

  9. J if you dont fall your ass out in that workplace hollering about your back and make them call 911 to take you the hospital. Stop playing with these heuxs and use your magical Gay powers, sometimes you have to learn from Stunt Queens. Its time to get paid for your pain and suffering.

    1. @ Tajan: Okay!! boy get your Angela Bassett on and get that Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Dramatic Role! LMAO!! Fall out of that chair and pass the F%%%^K out! Then Smile as they role your ass out the door since you are not smiling enough!

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