Is This What Happens When You Ride The “D”?

Dtrain…you get infested with bugs?
when you ride the trains of new yawk,
you are bound to see any and everything.
it is always an adventure.
well this crazy she-hyena decided to violate with every inch of her life.
she let some damn bugs off on the d train.
a foxholer sent me the story from the new yawk daily news and well…

An emotionally disturbed woman who was reportedly trying to sell crickets and worms on a D train last night caused a panic after she dropped her box full of bugs on the floor of a crowded car and started screaming. It appears the insects were excited to scramble about for freedom, but everyone else onboard the train was a little freaked out, to say the least.

The Post reports that the unidentified woman was onboard the train at around 6 p.m. yesterday when she was pushed or hit by some teenagers, prompting her to drop the box. Things escalated quickly: “People started running toward the back of the train. They had crickets on their shirts, on their pants, in their hair. They were everywhere,” Chris Calabrese, a 29-year-old Bensonhurst resident who was on the train with his girlfriend, told us. “There were women crying. It was the same type of chaos you would see if she had a gun or bomb.”

Granted, other straphangers have probably seen even crazier stuff in their day, but a car full of crickets and worms is a lot to handle on an evening commute. To make matters worse, someone decided to pull the emergency break, so everyone was stuck on the Manhattan bridge with the little buggies (and no A/C) for half an hour.

The person who posted the above video to Facebook wrote in a post:

We had no idea what was happening, just heard yelling, then screaming, then something flew in the air (the crickets…) and people scattered into the far end of the train—100 people at least jammed in—I was starting to panic because I had no idea if there was something caustic or flammable and I was pinned…. I heard someone on the platform say that the cops got the [person] that hit her.

She really wasn’t a threat, but she was in full on psychosis and people were trying to calm her down her and get her to sit. Some train crew opened the door between the cars and I thought she was going to jump out. Then she pulled up her pant leg and starting to urinate on the floor. People were standing on the seats.

The man in the white/blue plaid shirt was being SUPER patient with her and trying to calm her down, he got her to sit from time to time—he was talking to her and trying to direct her. He really stuck with her. He was the hero in this—may many blessings be bestowed upon him.

Eventually, the cricket-filled car made its way to Dekalb Avenue, though not before the woman “tried to throw up on everyone,” according to Calabrese, before urinating on the floor. She attempted to move into another car when the train pulled into the station, but she was taken into custody by emergency services. She was removed from the train, and theoretically the crickets and worms were dispatched to safe spaces outside the subway. Or they just joined the rest of their brethren within the system.


that would have did it for me.
every time i’ve went on the “d”,
it is always some shit going down.
last time i was on there with ww,
and that was last year,
these two vixens was about to box.
plus she was throwing up and shit.
she would have gotten the paws.

lowkey: who got the video?
i know there is video.

article credited: gothamist

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Is This What Happens When You Ride The “D”?

  1. LOL. Yo, that’s crazy. I’ve seen roaches moving around in, and coming out of, people’s backpacks and bags.
    That’s some nastiness right there. That is why I never put my bags on the floor.

  2. Biiiiiittttttccccchhhhhhh……

    The D train BEEN ghetto. I had a gun dropped by my feet in a packed ass A train, seen shit literally dropping out of a homeless mans ass on a 1 train, domestic abuse on the 2 train from 149th St. to 18th st. He was beating the shit out that girl. Smh.

    And I was homesick for NYC. I’m smooth on Brooklyn for right now. #floridaliving

    1. ^I’ve seen some nastiness like that. There was handsome homeless guy that got on my bus one time, and I never saw an area clear out like it did when he sat down. He smelled god awful, he was sagging and you could see the shit stain on his drawers, and he would constantly make outbursts. I mean the stench made you want to vomit. Then there was time this homeless man tried to get on the bus with all of his belongings, but the driver wouldn’t let him bring the stuff on because an older Jamaican lady pointed out that she saw roaches crawling in his stuff. LOL

      It’s sad because they are people too, and you wonder sometimes (at least I do) what happened in their lives to get them to where they are now.

      1. ^the stink homeless always make me sick.
        i remember walking into a car where one peed himself.
        everyone standing around him holding their nose.
        i couldn’t do it for more than a train ride.

  3. Oh hell no! There is no way I wold have been able to handle that. I have already heard that public transportation in the city is horrible, but this story left me with mental scars. SMH

  4. Welp. This story was COMPLETELY different than I thought it would be…when I saw the title..”riding the D” I just knew it was gonna be all exciting…but then…*crickets*

    Love you J! Glad you’re feeling better!

    1. ^That’s some BOLD shyt right there…jerking off on a train in public. I don’t know if I would get turned on or turned off! LOL

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