It’s Mighty Chilly In August

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_bm00eaafsao0884wwso0kgo4s_640today at work,
you would have thought it was the frozen tundra.
thank god i had on my best fur today.
a fox may have froze to death

my boss gave me the nastiest attitude.
i’m in pain,
but he is angry?
well he put a ton of work on my desk.
chair was also still there.
my co worker told me it was extremely busy yesterday.
gif_blair_angryi didn’t give a fuck to be perfectly honest.
they don’t give a fuck about me.
i took a picture of the chair and did my work.
he only asked me if i wanted to come in this weekend.
on both days to do some extra work.
i politely declined.
there was no need in causing a scene.
sometimes you gotta be like a lion with a gazelle.
you been sitting there for 10+ hours,
but as soon as that gazelle makes the wrong move,
then it turns out to be the right one for you.

tumblr_lm4hcgLE4s1qdeizqthat is how i will play this game.

…and mr green?
my boss said i didn’t give him ample time i was calling out yesterday.
i gave them 3 hours before start time as they said they wanted from all of us.
mr green emailed me and said:

“you didn’t make me aware you were calling out.
you need to let your boss know in advance as soon as possible if you are not going to be in.
please make sure you do this going forward”

…when i made sure to state in the original email that i was.
right after,
i made sure to text my boss as well.
my boss blatantly lied to mr green.
my boss responded that morning to my text.
he made it seem like that is when i texted him.
this isn’t the first time i heard he lied either.
he also made no mention to ask for my doctor’s note either today.
i want to be off that and into a better job by before thanksgiving.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “It’s Mighty Chilly In August”

  1. They honestly need you but definitely don’t deserve you. In due time Jamari, in dude time. Some blessings come quicker than others. Don’t worry.

      1. I would’ve politely responded that I gave AMPLE time and if they needed to see the text I would gladly forward that as well…in addition to my doctor’s note if they needed to see that.
        They want to play mind games…I can play with the best of them.
        Show them mofos you cross your T’s and dot your I’s!
        As long as you do your job and cover your ass in the process, they will look like fools if they come after you….not to mention that can be an issue with retaliation. They don’t want that.

  2. Really sorry about your back pain. Hope you feel better soon. Notice how they treat you like shit but as soon as you ain’t there to put up with the their BS and do their jobs for them they realize their own incompetence and blame you.

  3. J. It bothers them that they need you this much and can’t let you go at the moment. Be sure to safe all evidence like the text you send your boss…it has the time and date on it right?

    If possible try to record certain interactions….and don’t trust nobody there about what you’re doing…at the end they turn on you.

    They would’nt care if you dropped dead at the scene. ..they’d probably ask you if you could’nt give them notice enough…


  4. Bless your heart Jamari. I really don’t know how you put up with it! Hoping that it gets better for you. There HAS to be a big blessing waiting on you at the end of all of this. You’ve put up with too much.

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