Something In The Milk Isn’t Clean With One Of The Housewive’s Husband

one of my f-bi sent me a message saying her husband likes to frequent the foxholes of many.
or is it the other way around?

“In life, you’ll have haters whether you’re on the camera or whether you’re off the camera. If you and your husband HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING, you are blessed,” said Porsha. “You’ll be good to go.”


maybe she already knows?

lowkey: why do these people go on reality shows when they know they have so much dirt?

Author: jamari fox

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22 thoughts on “Something In The Milk Isn’t Clean With One Of The Housewive’s Husband”

  1. Yeah don’t really care about her or her husband…

    But I’d smash the hell out of Kenya Moore any day of the week! Acne and all.

    She’s a little off too…just the way I like em! Lol

      1. I thought it was just me! People talking about her acne, but shit most of these females have acne under all that makeup. She’s BAD! and that ass when she turns around…man!

  2. Kordell Stewart has had rumors regarding his sexuality for a very long time. His football career was never the same once the rumors started.

  3. I just knew you were talking about Apollo but he is such OLD news…

    I don’t know if Porsha and her husband has an open relationship or whatever but it’s not uncommon for women to hook up with bisexual/gay men who have money. Hollyweird is ALL about IMAGE. It’s about FAME and MONEY.

    Some of these people cast in these reality shows because they are interesting in the WORST way. Notice how they ALWAYS cast the people with the most baggage. Once your life becomes too normal, you are GONE. (Ask Deshawn Snow)

    They know they have dirt and they know the reality show game but they don’t care as long as they are getting those checks. People are going to talk anyway right?

    Porsha is a pretty girl..hell she was a video vixen before she became ‘honest’ and we know how they get down for money. Kenya probably feel intimidated by Porsha because Porsha has want Kenya don’t. A secure marriage and youth…

    It is a mess but that’s entertainment of TODAY….

    1. People tend to look HARD for something to hate on when they’re intimidated by someone else’s looks…

      I’ll slide her some Ambi products along with an engagement ring. Lol!

      1. Random get off my woman! She’s now my wallpaper on my phone. I got something I can put on her face that will clear that acne right

    2. Yes she does have Acne. I think she’s pretty, but I dislike women who have bad attitudes, and she has a very nasty attitude. That shit ain’t cute. Y’all can have her.

      I think Kandi is the prettiest one out of all them, and her personality is great. Have y’all seen how fine her man is?

      1. I agree. Her attitude is super ugly.

        Before I saw her on this show, I thought she was a relatively classy woman. This show highlights the exact opposite.

  4. Yeah, I don’t think that’s what she meant by having an understanding. Bad journalism on the writer’s part.

    …how is she a “new mother” with a 9 year old?

  5. All I can say about the Stewarts, is whatever tea you’ve heard is true! I know, but I find it real cute that they can make the world believe otherwise. You can fool most of the people some of the time , but you can’t fool ALL the people All the time!

  6. Someone stated that look at the money factor,so many women with celebrity status do end up marrying either a bi or gay man. Remember money talks BS walks!

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