some of these males don’t deserve your bootyhole

you read right.
they don’t.
now this isn’t males who were labeled “private dick” in your contacts.
these are for the males you desperately wanted to get to know and date

i miss the days when i’d meet a wolf and he was into me heavy.
from dudes in the government,
the stripper,
the up and coming rapper,
and the countless dl wolves,
there was never a day that went by that they weren’t in my radar.
i met them all on separate occasions and sadly in different states.
i met better wolves when i put my location in other states.
they would text me throughout the day and make their presence known.
at night,
we’d be on the phone and end up phone fuckin’.
i’d have to be at work early af,
but i was cupcakin’ like a muthafucka.

I miss that

with the wolves i am genuinely interested in,
and i thought was into me,
it’s all these fuckin games like it’s a test of my endurance:

Mixed signals
You end up pushing and he ends up pulling away
God forbid you say the wrong thing in the dm or text
You don’t look like a mirror version of himself so proceed to exit

…and to go through all that and the sex be WACK!!!!
you can’t even font they’re acting like girls.
these days,
vixens are more aggressive than some of these dudes.
i’ve come to the conclusion:

Some males aren’t man enough to deal with you

…and until you find one that does,
it will be consistent jackals until then.
some gays love to say we haven’t a different way of dating in the life.
we don’t.
we basically deal with the same shit that the vixens go through.

Dating males can be exhausting and on some occasions,
it can be super abusive

as much as gays like to think we are these sexual aliens who “fuck and go”,
we all want someone to call our own.
unless we are that damaged and fucked up

…and ima need you to stop dating and ruining everyone in your path of destruction.

low-key: i think some males don’t have game these days.
they end up playing games because they have none.
why would you think ignoring the person you like is a brilliant idea?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “some of these males don’t deserve your bootyhole”

  1. I had a guy stand me up from Adam4Adam and even agreed to meet him in a coffee shop not too far from campus (UNC Charlotte). Since that time, I chat but hold zero hopes for meeting anyone. The two guys I did date were total flakes, with one ex-con I was with going as far as to tell me through another dude to stop calling him.

  2. True story. It takes a while to finally know your worth in that area. And when you do you will realize you no longer have to major in minor things. Someone Wonderful will be there to once again sweep you off your feet.

  3. Gay men are often confused as fuck. A lot of us are lonely and don’t know what we want. I think that’s what drives a lot of games. He wants sex but he also wants a boyfriend, but he doesn’t want to be tied down but he doesn’t want to share you, but he’s afraid of intimacy but he’s afraid of loneliness, but he wants someone his friends and family will approve of, but that person isn’t his type. It goes on and on. It’s this huge mixture of lust, loneliness and FOMO. They play these games because they don’t know what they want from minute to minute. In the gay community we are really against boundaries. The idea that you won’t sleep with your friends is almost taboo. However boundaries can be healthy. One thing they do is allow you to set proper expectations.

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