So Orlando Brown Was MmmBoppin’ On The Down Low?

whenever i hear someone is a homophobic hyena,
i automatically assume they want my foxhole or someone in theirs.
the homophobic hyenas always make things way too easy.
remember when orlando brown called out trey songz the other day?
( x read about it here )
it seems that he is being allegedly called out for his “activities” as well.
this is where a vix-bi led me…

even raven didn’t even see this alleged outing coming…

that is kris sanchez from uberfacts.
why would he mess up his reputation by lying on a d list celeb?
my next question is…

How many other celebs/baller wolves use Grindr?

this isn’t the first time i’ve heard this.
the “go to” use to be craigslist.
if this is true tho,
orlando brown takes yet another “l” to hang in his closet.
how much is it so far?

lowkey: i never understood why those who have “secrets” like to throw shade.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “So Orlando Brown Was MmmBoppin’ On The Down Low?”

  1. Ehh he might be bisexual at the bare minimum. I don’t really like exposure videos unless that person is homophobic or if there’s cheating involved. This situation seems fitting tho. I’m sure Orlando is working up a hilarious response vid if he even decides to respond at all.

  2. I mean that’s probably how Orlando knew about Trey in the first place, cause he’s fam too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they even dated before. (Shrug)

  3. Seen it a million times. The bashers’ always come calling in the shadows….Talking smack in the school hallways then ringing my phone at night or after a game…#jockvoice..”Yo whachu’ doin, mane? 2ambon a school night…….smh

  4. Eh, I don’t know about this one. Even if I didn’t intend to expose him, I would have atleast screen-shotted that grindr conversation to look back on when I feel like gagging again. If you ask me, ol’ boy is just angry (understandably so) and has decided to come up with this story. I also think it’s a possibility that Orlando is in cahoots with him. This will extend his spotlight for atleast another few weeks. I mean it’s been stunt after stunt with him lately.

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