… well her Twitter that is.

I do not exactly know what went down,
but she is beefing with her “barbz”.
A Fox sent me an email about it just now,
as I sit here listening to Drake tonight on some REAL chill shit…..

… and it’s over some album snippets tho?

Some breakdown:

I love Nicki and even bought her album. But I’m too self respecting to stan for anyone who wouldn’t give 2 shits if i died (cuz celebrities really don’t ) 

Anyway .. One of her top stans (NickiDaily) supposedly posted leaked songs of Nicki Minaj and Nick threatened to delete her own twitter and had the barbz tweeting like crazy if NickiDaily didn’t remove the content. Nicki also blocked the damn girl on twitter. Mind you, that NickiDaily runs www.NickiDaily.comand has been for years.. So obviously she was a huge stan spending money to run a website for someone who doesn’t know her personally. && Nicki did that to her. I bet her life is destroyed. Nicki knows damn well once she tweeted some shit about it that the other Barbz nd kenbarbz were gonna eat NickiDAILY ALIVE. So the poor girl deleted her twitter. I think that Nicki has gotten a tad bit besides herself. If a song gets leaked, it’s something that someone in your crew or that you work with is responsible for. Not a fan who simply came across it and shared it for others to enjoy. She didn’t do it to spite Nicki or anything and she didn’t deserve that. Now Nicki is threatening to delete her twitter.. Knowing damn well that she is a marketing and promotion machine and with 11+ mill followers , that’s the best free promo she can get on the web these days besides YouTube. She will never delete her twitter. But her barbs are in an uproar. She knows she can pull the barbz strings and i think it’s kinda of wrong of her.. I still love her.. But shit that’s what you get for being obsessed with someone who could care less about you


Well on lighter news…
So… shrug to her and her issues, I guess.

I know one thing…
That latest album is beyond TRASH.

Nicki you better cut this shit out.
You got a whole slew of gay kids ready to kill themselves tonight.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “So @NICKIMINAJ Is Over?”

  1. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what you get when you have an artist who has bought into their own hype

    Hearing this made me dislike her even more than I already had.
    Material is never “leaked” by fans. They simply download it. The original leak is from someone in her own camp.
    So for her to basically front a fan of her’s for attention is—disgusting.

  2. She did delete her Twitter account, and it’s possible she’s over-worked, exhausted, & on the edge…I’m still not managing to muster up much sympathy. Why S- on your fans?

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