So Almost Everyone Has HIV In Atlanta Now? (Holy Smokes!)

tumblr_static_filename_640_v2atlantaaaaaaaaa foxhole…
wtf is going on in your neck of the woods????
i just read a story about atlanta being compared to most third world countries.
how you say?
well allegedly the hiv epidemic is out of control down there.
this is what wsb atlanta has to say…

HIV risk map 2016 Final_1462482949673_4245224_ver1.0_640_360

A deadly disease is rampant in Metro Atlanta, and scientists are calling it an epidemic.

Channel 2’s Dave Huddleston spoke with researchers and doctors who said Atlanta is the epicenter of that epidemic, comparing some neighborhoods to developing African countries.

“Downtown Atlanta is as bad as Zimbabwe or Harare or Durban,” said Dr. Carlos del Rio, co-director of Emory University’s Center for AIDS Research.

Del Rio said the disease shifted from one that mainly affected gay men and drug users in the late ’80s to a disease that now affects just about every population, but in particular African-Americans with limited access to health care.

“Don’t have food on your table, have kids to take care of and somebody says you have HIV, that’s just another, that’s just another problem that you have,” del Rio said.

A recent study released by the CDC shows why that funding is so critical.

If you live in the southeast, you’re more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than any other part of the country and in Georgia the risk of diagnosis leaps to one in 51.

“We should not be having an epidemic of that proportion in a country like ours,” del Rio said. “This is not Africa, we have resources.”

Fulton County now has a new public health director and HIV programs like mobile testing units are more visible around the city. The van travels to ZIP codes with the highest number of HIV cases.

Channel 2 was there when the testing unit was by Grady Hospital. They tested more than 30 people, and two came back HIV positive.

200-61you know walter lee hampton was all over this.
this is “his” specialty.
he posted this accompanying video on youtube:

qLPr7v9personally speaking,
this epidemic seems like a:


…than anything else.
some of ya’ll just dumb out here.
all of these news reports,
and even real life examples,
yet everyone out here is still playing with fire.
the straight wolves at my job all admit to having unprotected sex.

“yo i want to fuck her without a condom on”

Spears-Yikesusually some random they met.
either a one night or a side piece.
they all have girlfriends or wives to make matters worse.
Β fuckin’ some hoe raw and then potentially bring something back home.
what i don’t like is how black vixens will read these reports and blame “us”.
don’t blame us.
are there dl wolves that contribute to the problem?
are there as much “non admitted” bisexuals who double dippin’ with no protection?
are there just as much 110% straight wolves banging some hoe unprotected?
can pull up plenty of receipts due to sex sites?


all straight.
probably cheatin’ or dumb.
look at these random bastard cubs out here being born.
clearly it wouldn’t be happening if protection was being used.
the straights peeking from glass houses like they shit together.

the biggest issues with a majority of the gays these days is:


bad enough gay porn reinforces the pleasure of raw sex.
well any porn for that matter.
animals see it and then they go do it.
thinking just with your dick/ass will always get you caught up.
as much as i love watchin’ this admitted hoe get raw banged on tumblr:


…he ain’t exactly setting the best example up here in new yawk.
new yawk is not to far behind with the nonsense.
the way these animals fiend for dick downs nowadays is straight crazy to me,
but hey,
if you likes it then i loves it.
i’m good on reckless behavior.
i’m hiv negative and i plan to keep it that way.
especially in atlanta,
protect yourself out here.

How many times will i have to say it?


if you respeck me,
you’ll listen.

lowkey: don’t sleep because a lot of animals pullin’ off condoms in the middle.
you so busy having your eyes rollin’ in the back of your head,
you didn’t even see this asshole pull a lookey loo.
the world,
and the animals in it,
are a hot mess.

article taken: wsb atlanta

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “So Almost Everyone Has HIV In Atlanta Now? (Holy Smokes!)

  1. Thank you, Jamari, for this important public health post to the fox hole; it’s a needed reminder to foxes, wolves and hybrids. Sometimes, bluntness is needed.

    It’s another reason people need to take engagement and voting seriously. Many Republican governors have refused to sign onto Medicaid expansion under Obamacare. This would allow the Federal Government to pay 100% of the cost for 3 years then 90% thereafter. This would benefit many of our people. Without the coverage, people will and are dying. It is deliberate genocide. Please, foxhole, don’t participate in your own demise. Engage and vote. Freedom is not free. It should be obvious by now that those saying they want to take back the country don’t want us around. It’s up to us to stop this.

    1. πŸ‘πŸ‘
      I love how these little reports are quick to dish out information on gender/race which is rarely accurate but nothing on why this is happening. They won’t tell you about the issues with poverty or healthcare. πŸ˜’

  2. Not a lookey loo!!!! LMFAOOO. Okay. I live in Brooklyn but plan on moving to FL. I have had my days of being a hoe (I’m sure we all have) but I like to think with age comes wisdom. I don’t have sex with randoms and when I move, I just plan to observe the scene before I make any movements toward intimacy and sex. I feel what contributes to the epidemic in our group specifically black men is accessibility. You can get on Jack’d or Grindr and order some yum yum just as easily as ordering take out. We have to do better for ourselves because health is all we have at the end of the day.

    1. The takeout in Miami is just as worst and many of them are spoiled. Many of the guys I screen on Jack’d have been HIV Positive and dieseled up. Worst than that, many want raw sex and i’m sure FL is next on roster. Many guy i meet on Grindr tend to be bttm though I never bttm before but will only risk it if I meet someone serious for me. Also, Truvada is hard to obtain being negative. Even if your doctor prescribe it, some insurance company will refuse a hand out special. Most doctor will give it too you if you feel you’ve been exposed!

  3. I know of a guy who knew the chick he was banging had HIV…he was screwing her and lookie-loo’d her in the middle (removing his condom without telling her)…where they do that at? Knowing full well what he was doing…

    I swear folks these days do the absolute MOST…like we aren’t afraid of nothing anymore. As much as I would love to be in a relationship…and get sex on the regular…I’ll be content all by myself…a nut really ain’t worth it

  4. It’s really a shame but I’m not surprised. I don’t live in Atlanta but guys are having RAW sex all over the country. When I open the Jackd app all I see is “Raw Lovers” in the descriptions of many young dudes. I also notice most white gay men now avoid black men like the plague on dating apps. They use the race filters to remove blacks from their lineup. Nowadays, being Black and Gay now comes with the stigma of being HIV positive. I feel badly for anyone who contracted this virus and my post isn’t meant to assign blame nor demonize any of you.

    1. “I also notice most white gay men now avoid black men like the plague on dating apps. They use the race filters to remove blacks from their lineup.”

      How would you know this? They always hitting me up.

      1. @Tony – If white guys are hitting you up on these apps then have fun, just protect yourself. I was curious as to why I always saw a sea of ONLY Black men when I opened those apps so I did a little experiment. Grindr and Jackd allows you to change your ethnicity. I changed mine to a white male age 25 for shtts and giggles and all of a sudden a ton of inshape attractive white guys become visible. Which meant they were filtering out Black men. I’m not looking for them and they’re obviously aren’t looking for me. I was just making an observation in my comment. Be well.

  5. Yes you better speak on it! Them straight boys are just as nasty talking about #TeamNoPullOut like WTF. It’s people like that who make you not trust anybody. Some of these people are out here shamelessly having sex everyday with different people (who also do the same thing) ALL while unprotected. Can you imagine all the fluids being passed around? These MoFos are nasty af. Stay strapped if you want to steer clear guys!

  6. Just when I think I want to unlock the booty I read this post.

    I have to agree it comes down to using better judgement. I haven’t had sex in a long time and as much as I’m horny and want it in all the time I have to remember that people out here can’t be trusted.

    When you go in these hook up sites and apps all people seem to want is raw sex. And the really shocking thing is that it’s the good looking ones that seem to want it the most in there. I could get hit up by one of these guys and everything seems good until they mention they want to cream pie me or slip up in me raw. Smh I’ve stayed off of these things in the past year or so and stayed with Jacking off until I find someone of value. (If that happens)

  7. it’s funny how they are comparing with Africa,the HIV virus it’s more here in Europe and America then over the Africa continent don’t believe the hype

    1. Right!! Notice how rates of hiv are prevalent in states where a higher concentration of blks are? Im sorry but brothers have to protect themselves from each other. Its not just that some are out to get you but also that they dont truly care about blk men anyway. Some of these fools think that everything not black aint gonna have it, when a lot of this transmission is coming from both intraracial and interracial relations. You cant tell these blk men nothing as Ive heard various times that nonblack men know we dont get tested regularly and by the time we find out, we would have already went back and infected more people in our communities, which makes us easy prey and targets for white and nonblack carrying the package. Be safe out there yall.

  8. This is just the times we are in. None of this surprises me anymore, and people need to take heed and responsibility for themselves. Now, people are beginning to justify their reckless behavior by relying on the fact that their is a pill that slows the progression of the disease and the precautionary measures that can be taken as well. Personally, I am not trying to get anything that can kill me, whether their is medication or not. Also, many people forget about the stigma that comes with it, which can be an issue once the word gets out that you got it.

    I do feel that at times, researches tend to attach a race to certain disease by stating that is in certain locations where many black people are. That needs to stop as well. We all know white people engage in the same behaviors as well. At the end of the day, there is shit spreading out here and people need to be careful.

  9. I live in Midtown Atlanta. I am HIV Neg but then again I haven’t had intercourse since 2008 lol. I see allot of clips in line with people doing bareback. I don’t judge it but am surprised because seeing people die in the 80s and 90s of HIV. I know its more then just that. people can get syphilis. I am scared of having sex with anyone. I used to be free in my 20s and 30s but now at 46, I would rather just jack off to myself. lol

  10. I believe that another component to the AIDS crisis in the black community is the prevalence of depression. It’s a subject that no one is really focusing on. There are many people out here who are full of despair and hopelessness. People are often times looking just to get through the day, night, or the moment at hand. The state of mental health in the black community is a major barrier to rising above current conditions. So many problems to deal with that it seems so overwhelming.

  11. Because of this story,people at Lipstick Alley are posting links to dozens of pics of Black male escorts from Backpage Georgia.While they are wasting time outing male escorts,their boyfriend or baby daddy is probably screwing his homeboy or his other baby mama.SMH

    This disease has been around since at least 1981,everyone should know how it is contracted.Protect yourself

    1. Y Colette girl you stay posting some truthful shit. It seems like a lot of straight people think they are invincible to HIV. The only thing they think that results in unprotected sex is pregnancy in which they are happy about that.

  12. I’m finding a large portion of these dudes know they have been HIV+ and they figure because they take their meds and they’re undetectable they don’t have to tell you anything.

    Sex in general has become far too frivolous and easy to get.

    Too many of y’all attribute HIV to random, casual fucking too. Plenty of people think they’re in monogamous relationships but as soon as you leave the house someone else is coming in the back or someone you think you’re messing with exclusively has a harem of other people they’re messing with and you have no idea.

    Let’s not even get into the fact a lot of guys still don’t know how to use a condom correctly or they don’t get the right size.

    Oh and don’t forget the fact a lot of people are contracting STDs left and right and thinking they’re off the hook because they can cure it after two weeks of taking pills, not realizing a lot of these STDs leave you even MORE vulnerable to contracting HIV.

    1. Preach!!! They would need a tranquilizer to tame me if someone lied to me about having any STD before sex.

      Yea, we know there are people who contract it through relationships from cheaters well, which is sad. I never could go raw while just in a relationship. Now if I were married to a good person I trusted, I’d consider.

    2. Speak on it!!! That’s why. Sex is way too easy to get. Especially for gay men. You can have a profile picture of your chest on Jack’d and you can get 10+ nude messages in a heartbeat with guys stating their sexual role & location.

      And also you’d be thinking you’re messing with one dude exclusively but little do you know, this nicca is creeping behind your back with different dudes every week!! That’s why I said you can’t trust ANYONE. It’s just not safe! Period! These amateur pornstars on MyVidster are just a little glimpse of what really goes on.

      Don’t get me started on those idiotic HIV+ that think it’s okay to fuck somebody unprotected without letting them be privy to their status because they’re “undetectable” smh gtfoh! I ain’t risking a thing for any damn body!

  13. The straights-The “it’s a gay thng” mentality. Men are so nasty, whorish and irresponsible these days, they’ll stick there dick anywhere for a nut. All these amateur porn stars all over the net, they usually have MANY partners and if you notice there is never a condom in sight. This gotta have a main check and several side chicks is also a factor because neguhs be fucking several chicks at one time and never any protection used. Most women even in 2016 still hold the belief that most gay man are stylists, hairdressers, and walk with a twist. Not knowing that their man is fucking his “day one” nigga, his male co-worker, and the nigga at the gym.

    The gays-Cities like Atlanta are always going to have high rates of hiv due to the mass gay population coupled with the fact that several months out of the year gays from other cities descend upon Atlanta for Pride, MLK, and various events, bring their hiv with them. The sex parties, sex clubs, and random hookups only provide means of transmission to many who reside in Atlanta. I also believe that many of us, especially millennials, have been so inundated with the message of Hiv/Aids and the defense against it that it we’ve become desensitized to it, and the message has no impact. The advancement of drugs used to treat the disease have come so far that it is no longer the death sentence it used to be. People can live relatively long and normal lives with the disease-this has been both a blessing and a curse because although people infected can survive, some look at it with the idea that if they do get infected, they can take a pill and carry on with life. That is a horrible mindset. The worst situation is those outwardly and openly having unprotected sex. Guys like that amateur porn star “iluv2getbreeded” brag and post videos having complete raw sex and being breeded. Though it may be enjoyable to watch, it begs the question, is he positive? if so, its almost certain that he is not informing his MANY, partners who probably go home to wives, girlfriends or boyfriends. If not, its very hard to imagine someone disease free having this much unprotected sex with this many randoms and care about their well being. Rates are higher than ever in Atlanta and in most cities. the question is What happens next??

  14. Sigh…Jamari, Jamari, Jamari…I love your blog and I rarely post, but reading your post and the subsequent comments, I feel I should make a few points. I definitely agree that black gay men need much better education, testing, and self-prevention from getting HIV. I am definitely an advocate for limiting your sexual partners as one way of lowering your risk of infection. I also agree that much of the sex and porn culture often exacerbates risk behaviors that can lead to HIV. BUT…I ONLY ever see you talk about these things Jamari. I have never seen you write up a post about PREP which if used IN CONJUNCTION WITH CONDOMS can also help LOWER the risk of contracting HIV. There are tons of campaigns on HIV and testing in the areas in the map. I’d like to see more ads for those posted here, if nothing else, in New York. You often speak about testing with anxiety Jamari and you have typecasted the ways people become HIV positive in this post. Many people are born with HIV, might be sexually assaulted, may have contracted it from a spouse or partner who contracted it before the relationship. Not ALL infections of HIV involve one person being aware of their status though this does happen too frequently. People should not be afraid of getting tested and they also shouldn’t be afraid of people who are HIV-positive and protecting their health. It is no one’s responsibility to protect your sexual health but your own. Jamari, as a man who is thoughtful and intelligent and whose writing I always look forward to reading, I’d love to see you advertise for more testing events and encourage your followers not to promote harmful stigma that prevents HIV-positive people from disclosing their status and getting into care and allowing HIV-negative people to seek testing and do what they can to keep themselves negative. Much love and peace, Jamari.

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