so, allegedly, megan thee stallion was front row in nicki’s box seat?

i bought jaguar wright‘s first album.
i think i might have been the only one.
i bought it because of her being on jay’s unplugged and the coke commercial with the mouth:

Remember when neo-soul was poppin?
I miss that era.

I didn’t realize how much drama them neo-soul folks were in around that time either.

the album was terrible and she vanished slowly after.
jaguar has been running her own platform,
being on all the podcasts,
but her mental illness as the main feature.
she has said some wild things in the past but allegedly,
she said she saw an alleged tape of nicki minaj and megan the stallion performing.

not the type of performing you are thinking about tho…

so she just be saying anything,

i’m here to font you that i don’t believe this.
so she saw a tape of them two but somehow,
it hasn’t leaked?
not even a snippet?

i’d imagine if she saw this alleged tape with the folks that she runs with,
they would be on tasha k with the exclusive.

Has anyone noticed that we have a ton of crazy people running wild in the spotlight atm?

…and the wild part is,
people are so pressed for gossip that they’ll believe anything.

from kanye‘s rants,
azealia‘s draggings,
marjorie taylor greene‘s bullshit,
and jaguar‘s delusions…

i had to wonder…

Are the crazy folks having the best careers ever?

lowkey: has jaguar said anything that was confirmed as credible?

2 thoughts on “so, allegedly, megan thee stallion was front row in nicki’s box seat?

  1. I’ve heard quite a few things Jaguar Wright has said, but I hadn’t heard her say this yet until I read this article. Yikes. 😬 I don’t see how she says all this stuff with no proof or anything to back it up. Her and people like her that say these types of things about celebrities talk like everybody is just supposed to take their word for it.

  2. Back in April she said Tory shot Meg because he found out Meg is a man.Despite the fact that there are multiple pics of Megan as a little girl.Pics of her as a baby,as a toddler with her mom,pics from throughout her school years where she’s obviously female.

    I don’t believe anything Jaguar says,she sounds nuttier than squirrel sh*t.But I’m sure there are some idiots out there that will believe this BS.Just like there are some people who believe Megan is a man.

    I hope she and Orlando Brown get help for their mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

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