Single White Sister

CJFqf9-W8AAyIqEthey say we all have someone we look up to in life.
kylie jenner clearly looks up to her big sister,
too bad kylie had to get plastic parts,
wear 20 pounds of make up,
and allegedly date a gigantic simp to be like her.
then again…
she is following kim’s lead to the t.

lowkey: she looks beautiful tho.
money will spent.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Single White Sister

  1. Yeah I saw the cover. No one takes Rolling Stone that seriously anymore (the magazine industry has pretty much nosedived)

  2. im not a fan of the kardashians however in this country the majority of people say they can’t stand them and have said that for years, prior to kanye and the whole caitlyn jenner fiasco HOWEVER for quite some years we had seen their tv ratings increase, clothing lines at Sears & etc, mobile phone games and etc so somebody is checking for them somewhere…. hell i cant even be mad at them getting money and having no talent lol ..sad but true shows you how America is….not surprised though there are countless ‘kardashians’ in the industry they just have different titles such as ‘singer’, ‘rapper’ and etc but NO TALENT lol Kim K is about as deep as a puddle smh Kanye and his manufactured thot lol…The industry these days are full of talentless men and women who use sex and etc to sell their ‘brand’ no substance, no longevity…

    1. PERFECT example of that are the Love & Hip Hop shows. It’s full of has-been and who-the-fuck-are-you types!

  3. Keeping the kardashian legacy alive…Kim eventually going to get old and whatnot. Kylie is taking Kim place so Kim will retire hopefully very soon lol. But to be honest I don’t hear much about kim now that Caitlyn has arised. I keep forgetting Kim is pregnant again lol.

    1. Right me too lol. I’m tired of all of them. Kylie will never have it like Kim did tho. It’s like a second part of a movie, first is better.

      Kylie’s man isn’t even doing well with his career. She is already on the wrong path if she is following her sister lol. Kim made her men more popular. Tyga is blackballed.

  4. Whites say they dont mess with them either like that either. I think its other minorities that create a big fraction of their fanbase. With some whites and blacks completing the circle cause most of the ones I come in contact with have no problem discussing their displeasure with them. I could be wrong but thats what my hunch is telling me.

  5. Khloe is dating NBA player James Harden despite the fact she is still married to Lamar Odom.Those girls love the BBC except for Kourtney who only dates white guys.

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