All (Mi) Could Do Was Cry (On the 4th of July)

tumblr_inline_mmux40t5061qlqxk5i have been in my room,
playing this batman game,
and relatively in a good mood.
even tho i have no bbqs to go to,
i’m not too stressed about it.
mi came to me earlier and asked if she could use my computer.
she wanted to check her social media accounts.
well what followed…

she doesn’t have to be at work until 4 today.
so i said:


i logged out of my account and put her on the guest one.
as i was trying to jump on this half man/half vampire’s back,
i heard her say:


…and immediately ran out my room.
i dropped the controller and followed her into the living room.
when i got in there,
she was on the floor bawling.

“omg are you okay???
whats wrong???”

she was inconsolable.

“mi what the hell is going on???” i asked,
as i hugged her.

this wolf that she knew was killed sometime last week.
it was a wolf that she called her best friend.
he said that he would be the one to marry her.
since she has no phone right now,
she is just finding out what happened.
as soon as she signed on her account,
she got all the messages at once.
people knew how close they were.
i knew of him because she would mention his name often.
they would talk on the phone all the time.

i tried to be there for her.
you know i know what its like to lose a best friend.
there isn’t much you can say.
your presence is the present.
i told her she should stay home and mourn.
she actually wanted to go to work.
even tho she was crying every two seconds,
she said she wanted to stay busy.
it was hard to see her like that,
but i admired her strength to actually go in during this difficult time.

i decided i won’t go missing like i use to.
like this situation for instance,
when things happen,
you are completely cut off from the world.
it isn’t until you come back to the living,
that you get news that someone you were close to is gone from this earth.
you may not even have gotten the chance to say goodbye.
hell they could have been calling you right before they were about die.

“try to have a good day okay?” i said,
as i opened up the door and spoke to her down the hall.

“i’ll try.” she said,
running back to me to cry in my arms.

its going to be a long night for mi.

picture credited: pratt photography

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “All (Mi) Could Do Was Cry (On the 4th of July)”

  1. Oh omg God that’s horrible and you’re righttomorrow isn’t guaranteed we have to acknowledge each other while we’re given the chance

  2. Omg… he was killed?

    Why are people so evil that people feel they need to kill others? Some people truly have no soul, my heart goes out to Mi, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.
    Gosh, I think sometimes that this world doesn’t have to be this way, but it will always be this way because a lot of people believe its the only way to be. We need to wake up as opposed to putting others to sleep.

    Be there for her okay? Best of luck to you guys.

  3. OMG i feel for her, I’m praying for her and you. I don’t know how she’ll be able to work with this news. I hope it gets better

  4. this just made me so sad, I can feel her pain through your words. My deepest sympathy goes out to her.
    Be strong for her

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