Sidney Starr Plays WAY Too Much Games

I’m never the Fox to tell another how to get their meat.
What may work for her may not work for me and vice versa.
But this shit I saw on World Star Hiphop todayyyyyyy……

The shit she does though, she is going to regret it one day.
Then she will call it a hate crime and play the victim.
You know how the game works with these kids.

check her out telling some straight Wolf
that she was a man before he tries to get in those guts…
And boy does she have GUTS to do the shit she does…


So she did all of that to prove what?
So she tells a dude she really likes that she use to be a man, and then put it on film?
What is the point?
She really wants to be some kind of Starr…
These desperate 15 minutes of fame acts may just propel her to the top.
But remember Sidney, what goes up must come down and she may fall head first.
Too bad she could have tried to not look like a chicken head.

Someone take these cameras away from these dumb hoes PLEASE.
Then again, the world does need MESSY to run smoothly.

Something tells me that was whole routine was fake.
Just to give her a little bit of shine.
It was too “convenient” that he was so “D/L” on the phone.
but he allowed the camera to show his face.
And why did he look 14???????????????????????

And please tell that bitch to stop cooing and talking in that God awful baby voice.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “Sidney Starr Plays WAY Too Much Games”

  1. She’s still a pretty girl. Looks a lot better than a lot of these biological fysh running around. Despite her antics she’s showing the world that trannies are among us and you will not be able to tell!!

    1. Yeah, no doubt she isn’t beautiful
      but she is annoying and her cluck cluck games are not impressive.
      She is coming off desperate and using her talents on no names LOL

        1. If I looked like her,
          I would have been had a condo and I wouldn’t have existed to the public.
          Chingy was probably beating her shit up for some nice stacks.
          If she wants to be “The Nicki Minaj of Trannies”,
          Ima need her to not look so thirsty for public fame.

          At least school the other trannies on how to do it.
          Damn LOL

  2. As apostle- reverend-deacon-doctor-David (Tyree) so eloquently stated: “You can’t teach what you don’t have” (he meant know; football players and head shots…) so Sidney Scarred, Danity Lame, or who ever she supposed to be can only post bootleg (low-key child porn*) videos on WSHH.

    There have been tons of men and women (naturally born and otherwise) who are laced up right now–degrees paid for (or paid off! Holla), got they momma and themselves in a nice house, having no parts of this recession, living good, smelling good, and eating good.

    *That dude needed to be carded. No way in hell he’s 18 (16 if you in Atlanta).

  3. I can’t see the video. It’s sad what kat stacks and others have done to these attention starved folks. Mainly given them hope. Super head now claims she regrets the fame. Of course that’s nothing more than a ploy to gain more

    Question, why didn’t this post to ur twitter feed? That’s how I know there’s a new post cuzz it’s on twitter. I completely missed the what happ to Devin thread. That ass well wasn’t on twitter. Some show some don’t I guess?

    1. That is a good question shea.
      Ima check out why they didn’t work.
      But thank you for bringing it to my attention!

      Let me check to see why the video did not work either.

      And u are right, Kat Stacks and Supahead are now the standard but what these hoes fail to realize is that going that route only gives them 15 solid minute.

      Foxes and Wolves of the past got the money, cars, and clothes – and kept their mouth closed. They didn’t try to be stars off some baller’s name. They did it buy either pursuing their own career or just being social. These hoes want to be all in the camera with an ass whopping on the way

  4. You know what really bothers me more than hoes on camera? The people who supplied the camera AND the people who watch the videos. If no one watched them, they wouldn’t make them. I understand that we watch it here to show what NOT to do, but many dumb pervy men actually like watching Kat Stacks and the other sluts. These dudes are feeding them, when they probably have kids to feed. Kid or not, there are plenty of more deserving people for my money than some trashy tramp. Sorry a little off-topic lol.

    1. OH, and what’s truly sad is the fact that these hoes are proud of it. What “accomplishments” a person is proud of really tells a lot about them.

  5. So, you’re not gonna do anything sexual, yet you grabbed his (what looks condom-covered) dack. And basically stripped for him? AND dude looks like he’s 15?!

    She annoys me, but apparently ho-shyt sells (in the short term), so…

    The only thing or part of me that is a superficial body part of a man, is my long clitoris that developed into a penis in my mothers womb. In other words, everyone experiences being a female during the beginning stages of conception. Its clear that when a male to female girl is raised up as such, that girls whole bone struture developes and grows to be a woman etc. A lot of people don’t have the decency to educate themselves on what they hate, and can’t possibly understand something that doesn’t apply to them. Perhaps we transsexuals are hated and labeled according to the DSM book for selfish reasons and economical gains, and opportunity pleasures that come along with the sense of advantage. What people fail to understand is that,
    Everyone has a little bit of mommy and daddy in them, like red and white makes pink, a new color. Only thing is, the genes of one out weights the other. You see, angels may transform, but I am who I am. I, myself am a transexual-intersexual-natal/cis gender woman, so if God don’t make mistakes, and suppose he created me with a penis and a vagina, and I decide to lay or have sexual intercourse in marriage with a man who has a penis like I do, or if I decide to lay or have sexual intercourse with a woman who has a vagina like I do , I don’t see how I would be gay, wrong, or sinning. Or is it wrong also for a woman born with a vagina whose genetic chromosomes are XXY intersexual, to dress like a man or to dress like a woman and be attracted to woman? Gee’s, what would churches think of such a lady? opps!, I mean man, I mean woman, I mean both! What about women with huge penis size and penis looking clitorises as part of their vagina; Men who are orally attracted to them must really be gay huh? Wrong! The debate goes on as to whether or not the mind of a transsexual is female, making them intersexuals, which obviously they are, since the genes of a father and a mother exists within their whole physical human being body structure, and that’s evidence beyond doubt. There are many different types of intersexuals, some of which are transsexuals- I am a woman, just a different type of classy woman. Homosexuality labels was man-made society and church created nonsense. To bad society and churches got caught up in stupidty, because perhaps they believe everything almost everything they read, rather than studying the Bible and testing the spirits- you know you love me, sadly said. God does not condem transsexualism-intersexualism, he condems homosexuality/anal sex, and crossdressers. But if you read between the legs of a true intersex being, you’ll know that the Bible and prophets and the corrupt side of society are inconsistant with what they teach. God don’t make mistakes, yet, God will correct the blinded, the crippled, those who were born as dwarf(s), the conjoint, those born in the wrong body, the ignorant, …, in the beginning. Heterosexual men and women swearing by their graves, and gay, bisexual men and women, and lesbians, believe that transsexuals are a worst form of being gay. Well then, why does the difference between sexual orientation and gender orientation exist? Its obvious even the educated can actually be fested with total lies, misconceptions, and confusion that leaves them greatly mistaken of others. Did you ever thought that the reason why many transsexuals are bisexual is part or the whole reason that one day perhaps they will run into someone who will bare a child for them before they can actually decide to get a sex change- Well its true. Transsexuals are women with differences in anatomy from other women- not every woman is the same since God is creative- through us He is also creative. Their spirit rules over their bodies, mind, and soul, so don’t try turning them into someone they are not, because it won’t work. It’ll only work if society rejects them until suicide becomes an issue, or until churches deliver the fear of God to them because church servants and slaves are repulsive of being corrected- their love and fear don’t mix in expression toward us- only the fear and love in God can bring us closer to Him. Or, transsexuals might repent if they are promised a wife for their obedience, if that even exists, or perhaps evening repenting, because they were never a woman to begin with. So the inconsistansies, which really are lies due to someone lying, for example, the inconsistancies of the Bible or prophets being inconsistent with themselves or each other, mislead the weak transsexual. Transsexuals who are mislead by verses of the Bible and believe that so called power of the Bible/prophets/God, will suffer how imperfected Christians rule, convince, and teach they should live their lives. And by the way, I am a Bible believer, but will not follow man-made separation of “Christian branches” such as Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals,
    etc. Many parts of the Bible is fantasy world. Don’t believe me? Google INCONSISTANCIES OF THE BIBLE. Transsexuals are intersexuals. They are real men and real women. They are no longer living as man, because they are now real woman (and people need to respect that, just the same way they want and need to be respected), just like you Christians changed the name of Yeshua, the name that has power to cast out the demons in you, into jesus. Its clear you Christians and churches like turning the truth into a lie. Here, let me create an a.k.a for you… your new name will now be, “CrazyDodo.” Would it make a man gay if he has sex in marriage with a transsexual-intersexual who was born with a penis and a vagina?- the truth shall set you free. Lets see how many doctors and priests and rabbi’s odered or opinion the mutilation of transsexual-intersexuals. So how can you stand there and tell me I mutilate myself, like those who get castrated, or plastic surgery. Not everyone has plastic in them, especial once after SRS is done. Many people affiliated with churches are crazy like orthodox. They must be like, a traditional old fart. I’m not a Christian for Elohim’s sake, I’m a Citizen of Heaven- That’s my branch. I believe everyone should reconsider who we as transsexual women really are inside. After all, heaven is a matter within us. I’m a transgender fish, ironically speaking in written form! Humans do whats impossible for animals- We are God-like. No man must change what God has created, AND THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE, no matter what a person changes outwardly. Yet, we must improve who we really are inside and out, and our ways of life to reflect that. So I went from male to female, yet, I am the same person in and outwardly and nothing was changed, I’m still a woman, so why complain.
    “Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.” By Maria Montessori
    August 31, 1870: The Italian educator Maria
    Montessori initially trained as a doctor, which was nearly unheard of for women at the time. She later studied psychology and developed her theories of early childhood education, which she put into practice with her Casa dei Bambini schools. Montessori education continues to be popular around the world.
    It is commendable that you try to do the right
    thing all the time. Yet, the Bible is clear that
    our good works do not justify us before God.
    For by works of the law no human being will
    be justified in his sight, since through the law
    comes knowledge of sin. Romans 3:20 ESV

    Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my
    word and believes him who sent me has
    eternal life. He does not come into judgment,
    but has passed from death to life. John 5:24
    18 For Christ also suffered once for sins, the
    righteous for the unrighteous, that he might
    bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh
    but made alive in the spirit 1 Peter 3:18 ESV

    For by grace you have been saved through
    faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the
    gift of God, 9 not a result of works, so that no
    one may boast. Ephesians 2:8-9 ESV
    God don’t judge appeareance. And if Christains are not suppose to live like male or female, then stop worrying.

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