Anyone remember this tragedy?


She is still trying to live this down.
I hear she is looking into real estate in Saudi Arabia.
Well she better move fast…
someone just sent a Fox more leaked commercials she did for Burger King


What were you thinking?

Author: jamari fox

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  1. No matter how many times I see this commercial it always has me in tears! Lol

    I started singing it in the line at Chipotle and I had this one chick rolling. Lmao!

  2. Am I the only one who thought that it wasn’t anything wrong with it? I feel that people should step out of the box sometimes.

    1. Its just corny to me. The worst part to me is when she says “Whats in the new chicken wrap” like its an exclamatory sentence instead of an interrogative one.

  3. It’s a mess.That raw ass emotion when she sings “Wrapppped uppp in-hah” gets me every time tho.

  4. Black ppl LIKE/LOVE chicken! Big Deal! Why r we so ashamef about being known for eating chicken. Fck em if they have a problem with it. If she’d done the same song and replaced caviar with chicken, ppl wouldnt have cared.

  5. I just thought the commercial was corny. They could have been more original. Who are their commercials supposed to attract? Who’s their target audience? What exactly are they trying to tell them? That’s where Burger King falls short. Which tells me their marketing department sucks.

    As far as Mary, I should take her hood pass.
    Dancing around singing about chicken. She might as well be in black face.
    Granted, sometimes I feel we as black people take shit way too seriously.
    But there was NOTHING artistic or attractive about that commercial.

  6. I’d do a spot for Popeyes Chicken and Crystal hot sauce and let it run back to back on CMT & BET only.

    It’s a sad day when the Niggarati polices Black people more than the Black Bourgeoisie.

    Stop giving a fuck about what White people (or anybody else) think about you, most of them don’t, and the ones that do their opinions do not matter anyway.

    Too many grown ass Black men afraid to eat chicken or watermelon in the front of folks, but not ashamed to worship a White god or be looked at as walking genitalia.

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