Second Thought (2)

Ready for another exciting match up of “First Thought?”

I know you are.

Well, here goes…

What is the first THOUGHT that entered your mind?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Second Thought (2)”

  1. To be honest, the first thought that entered my mind was the top took of the condom to nut on the bottoms ass like they do in the porn videos. LOL

  2. First thought a crazy night of sex that they tried to make a movie and he came a lil to early lol. Second thought a really mean joke with they homeboy who got to wasted and his friends took nasty pics with him

  3. Jamari, I thought you said this was for our personal collection, and you weren’t going to show these pics to anyone, LOL.

  4. First thought: “That must be a hotel room because I dont know anyone who’d hang that picture up willingly in their own bedroom. Plus the pillow and sheets are white.”

  5. He has an extremely long torso…and how’s he gonna nut when it looks like the condom is already full?

    (yeah, this pic isn’t doing it for me)

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