retired nfl baller wolf, plaxico burress, is doing something for only his fans?

when plaxico burress played for the giants,
i thought he was cute af.
i was so glad when he took those braids out his head.
you know i love me some biceps:

…and them guns use to be out.
he is aging really really good too.

well i guess retirement has plaxico wanting to try something new because…

15.30 and no posts yet.
this must have been a joke.
now as we know,
onlyfans is truly supposed to be about bts content.
he might be trying to show us what goes on in his world.

Are we here to pay for bts footage of Plaxico Burress life?

…or are we here for the size of the meat?

i’m here for the latter.

check out his onlyfans: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “retired nfl baller wolf, plaxico burress, is doing something for only his fans?”

  1. Wow,, Bac n the day( Before he shot himself. Low Intelligence is the ultimate turn off) I would have jumped on this. He still looks good though…

  2. I pass, and he has nothing I would want to see at this point. A lot of famous people are pulling scams though by posting nothing or doing very little in the videos they post.

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