the couple who onlyfans together; stays together (what you say bryant?)

*the following entry is rated r.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

ya’ll started hating him as soon as i found out about him.
i was like “dagnabit“.
for new years,
i saw this post of his:

…and was like “oh hey!”,
but he started getting dragged shortly after.
his name is @saybryant and allegedly he is a color-stuck gay.
well @saybryant was trying to get into modeling and acting but …

he is smashin’ his boyfriend senseless on onlyfans.


he had his legs shakin’ and shit.

i miss havin’ my legs shaking under a wolf.
when i first saw the flick,
i was tryna figure out who he was because he looked familiar.
The Universe sent me the lead earlier.
i’m guessing everyone is about to have an onlyfans by the end of the year.
i’m crossing my fingers that some of my attentionisto favs will come tf through.

check out their onlyfans: here

pictures credited: instagram

21 thoughts on “the couple who onlyfans together; stays together (what you say bryant?)

  1. If you put yourself out there, don’t be surprised when people have an opinion. He comes off as a narcissistic douche who only surrounds himself with fans and yes men. That’s why his comments are turned off on Instagram because he can’t handle criticism and that in itself is toxic. Plus he seems to not embrace his melanin as he always using filters to make himself appear lighter than what he actually is.

  2. Dude shared this post on his page saying he isn’t a colorist and that he just has a type and his friends hyped up the defense. That has to be the most dumbest shit I’ve seen someone do and say. That’s like saying I’m not a racist I just prefer not to hang with people of other races. It’s stupid. Being attracted to someone or even falling in love with someone simply because of what skin color they are is a direct example of a colorist. To suggest otherwise is just stupidity and lack of education.

    I follow him and was a supporter of his, but quite honestly after he defended having a “type” today, I’m out. I can’t support people who’d rather go on defense for their wrong actions than to apologize and work to correct them. It’s 2020! Nobody should be following and supporting somebody just because they’re gay or whatever else. Him and his friends are hollering about how we need to come together and support each other (support him) but he’s the one out here defending loving and having attraction to people because of their skin color? Like really? Do they not see the irony in that foolishness?

    Lastly, I’m not against anyone who has an onlyfans. The problem with our society is that everyone is always bothered by other people’s business. If you don’t support Onlyfans users then why you gotta talk about, share articles about it, or even engage with the thought of it. It’s not your business to be bothered with. If people want to take the risk of being on a platform naked and engaging in sexual activities, then let them make that decision without you feeling you’re somehow entitled to have an opinion on their life.

  3. DARK SKINNED GAY BLACK BOTTOMS are literally the only people that have problems with other people having a skin preference. Just because a lot of times that doesn’t include Y’ALL. The irony is lost on everyone that in order to be a GAY man, you’ve already announced your preference for MEN to the disappointment of straight society. But that preference is ok, right??? So long as it isn’t MEN WHO ARE [fill in the blank]. The bottom line is if you want people to be ok with your preference for DICK. Then you need to be ok with other peoples preferences.

    Not everybody is going to want YOU.

    Not everybody is going to find YOU attractive.


    And for the loud girls in the front. Not every gay man wants to date their identical twin. Just because you dont want to date yourself doesn’t mean you hate yourself or think that you are unattractive. Gay means men attracted to men, not men who are attracted to their genetic equal.

    This shouldn’t have to be explained to y’all.

    1. Nice try, but everybody knows that black men’s preference for the light, bright and white is driven heavily by anti-blackness. You think this is a coincidence in a society built on white supremacy?

      Also, let’s be honest. It’s not preference, it’s discrimination. Anecdotally, most black dudes I know who prefer dark skin don’t exclude light skin tones from consideration. However, the vast majority of guys that I’ve encountered who prefer light skin will totally exclude someone with dark skin. The dark skin is a deal breaker. That’s definitely not a “preference”.

      I think it’s very valid to question whether you see yourself as attractive if you’re only willing to date dudes that don’t look like you. Again, it’s not a coincidence that darker black dudes seem so apt to crave their opposites, whereas I see plenty of light skin black dudes pair up with no reservations. Same story with white and Latino gay guys. They may go for differing skin tones or races, but plenty of them prefer to do date each other. Not the case with dark skinned black dudes in general.

      And nobody is asking that everybody be attracted to them. Tired of that wack line. It’s a legitimate issue if you feel like your dark skin (a major hallmark of blackness) disqualifies you from being considered desirable by a plurality of gay guys that share that same dark skin. Telling people to “get over” an issue fueled by white supremacy is a rotten cherry on top of a half-baked, pathetic argument.

  4. Absolutely no one is “hating” on him.

    He just present himself as an all around stupid person.

    Nothing spectacular to look at to distract you from the fact he has nothing of value to say. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    As usual, gays hype up anything with abs instead of going to the gym to get some themselves.

    Like can we please hype up handsome, intellectual men please?

    1. A man with flawed character indeed. He purposely likes to get a rise out of people and has said horrible things.

  5. At the beginning of quarantine I had high hopes for OF Cuz a lot of ppl i wanted to see naked were getting pages. But they can’t fuck. And they’re one truck ponies. Pissing and shaking don’t mean sex is good cuz those things can be faked. And that video was a whole bunch of nothing. Leave the sex work to bdt, prk , lyates etc.

    And for the love of God stop thinking jacking off once a day is enough to keep subscribers like mike Mann 🤦🏾‍♀️

    I wish gays stopped letting women convince them onlyfans is the way to go. Women’s sex work is fueled by simps . A woman can make 100k posting feet pics . Gay men are more sexually expressive and expect more . Which is why gay for pay workers make more than openly gay pornstars. People pay more for fantasy than the full monte.

  6. He’s ordinary at best. Also his head is too big for his body meaning he needs to gain some weight or bulk. He looks like out of proportion especially on the side profile pix. He does have color issues because he intentionally lighten or have bright lighting on himself to appear lighter than his actual complexion.

  7. I think people fail to be realistic & knowledgeable about their OWN goals, he’s cute but people still fail to realize cute doesn’t equal “model” he doesn’t look 6’2 and that’s the needed height for men’s fashion modeling, and then if he wanted to do print modeling, having tattoos limits what your eligible for and now that’s he’s done “Onlyfans” well that just about kills any chance of a serious acting career, people gotta think and stop just living in/for the moment

  8. Why dude lighten his pics on IG? Ugh.

    Yeah, OF is still work to do it right. Most folks feel like they can throw up a couple pics or a vid and call it a day. A lot of it is the same, so you also have to do something to stand out. I wish them the best tho.

    J, I got some leg-shaking for you after ‘rona 😉

  9. Smh, this OF craze is overhyped and unsustainable and I’m sick and tired of ppl trying to glamorize sex work… Mark my words, a couple years from now, when all of the hype is gone, ppl are going to talk about how OF interfered with their relationships, employment prospects as well as all the STDs and sexual harassment they’ve experienced. Quiet as it is kept, very few ppl are cut out for sex work.

    1. ^i heard something about he only dates lighter skin black foxes.

      i don’t know if that’s the full reason for his dragging,
      but that’s what i heard.

        1. “I wonder what made me this one so special to get smashed on onlyfans?“ He’s “pretty” & looks mixed/Hispanic basically

    2. Like so many other dark-skinned attentionistos that the black gays hype up, it means he prefers them light-skinned, racially ambiguous, latino (non-black), and/or white…put another way, he wouldn’t be caught dead dating someone his skin tone or darker.

      1. I can’t imagine someone like that having genuine confidence, if you wouldn’t date someone that looks like you, do you REALLY like how you look? Now straight men maybe could debate this cause they like a different gender, but with gays….you like males, so if you don’t find males with similar attributes to yourself attractive, then do you really find yourself attractive?

        1. Bryan,,, I agree about the ‘Self Hate” ..( How can you not love those who look like you )

          I’m Dark , and love other Dark, Blue Black ,Brown , but will also find All Complexions of
          “Black” Afro men with ” Black Features ,the Ultimate Turn on ,,

          Black is sooooo Beautiful to me!!!!

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