the ig algorithm is bizarre, right?

i don’t understand the ig algorithm at all.
sometimes i think i’ve cracked the code,
but then i’m thrown for a loop of confusion.
i don’t know if you’ve noticed…

…but some folks just don’t show up on your feed.
often times,
i feel like their stories never appear either.
at times,
they’ll get insulted because you don’t like or watch their shit.

“…You just ain’t in my algorithms!”

i mean,
it’s true.
i feel the algorithms go on a few aspects:

Who you interact with the most
Who interacts with you the most

that could also mean who lurks on your page and don’t tell you.
there are folks i don’t interact with at all,
but i watch (sometimes) their stories and like pics,
and they are high up on my algorithms.
they don’t interact with me as much,
but if they post something,
it’s the first thing i see when i sign on ig.
i see their names damn near on everyone else’s pictures too.

I had to ask myself if my phone sensing who I’m attracted to because…

i don’t think we will ever get a full answer on how the algorithms work.
i’d love to find out tho.

4 thoughts on “the ig algorithm is bizarre, right?

  1. What they don’t tell you is it includes data the app scans from your phone. If you iMessage someone a lot, or they message you, their posts will pop up on your IG and Facebook feeds. Same with whoever you talk to on WhatsApp.

    If you haven’t texted with someone in a long time, and they send you a message and you chat, watch their IG post be one of the first things you see the next time you log into IG. Either a post, or their story.

    1. ^oooooooooh!
      that is interesting.

      so it’s also based on that as well.
      i noticed that when i left my social media,
      people who were really active on my feed dropped off the face of the earth.
      the ones who seem interested in me were always in plain view.

    2. This is beyond creepy. This is why I disable permissions and control what apps can connect to internet and when. My calculator tried to go online. FOR WHAT?

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