Remind Me Never To Go To Fruitvale Station

546why no one tell me this movie would make me bawl like a bitch?
“i got a daughter…
i got a daughter…”
i watched it earlier and i definitely was NOT ready.
i will say that michael b jordan did an amazing job portraying oscar grant,
a wolf who was gunned down by a dumb ass police officer at fruitvale station.
hence the title.
the movie details what his day was like before his tragic end.
a must watch.

FE_DA_ClosedSign_073012lowkey: i need to talk about michael b jordan soon.

tumblr_moe4uifIQo1qjmtlmo1_500he’s kinda hot.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “Remind Me Never To Go To Fruitvale Station”

  1. I never knew about Fruitvale Station before until I watched this movie. One of the most touching scenes was in the hospital after he was shot. Another touching one was when his mother (Octavia Spencer) felt guilty at suggesting they take the train which led to his death. Octavia Spencer always does a good job at playing an intense role like the one in this movie.

  2. Michael B Jordan turned me into a stan after I saw this in theaters over past summer! His performance was OSCAR WORTHY and I’m pissed he was overlooked by SAG and the Golden Globes.

    That said, his career will continue to rise despite the snub by white Hollywood politics. (Only two at a time for us: Idris and 12 Years A Slave for us this year.)

    Did u see his Oprah Next Chapter interview? He is the most humble, charismatic guy! He gives me young Will Smith vibes w/ a grittier urban edge.

    Yes, I want him in my bed for sure (I assume he’s straight so I will admire from afar out of respect.) But pls do a feature on MJB.

    1. That’s funny I watched Oprah and thought he was Gay.Either way he is adorable,sweet and talented.Im disappointed he hasn’t received any love from major awards shows in terms of nominations.

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