The Caged Bird That Is Chris Brown Sings

tumblr_inline_ml2b0u7WCY1qz4rgpwho wants some chris brown news?
we haven’t talked about him in a while.
well chris has officially sat down since he’s been in rehab,
but his probation just got revoked.
that means his money is about to be fucked with and he is NOT happy about it.
e online has the update…

A judge revoked the R&B star’s probation today in light of his October arrest for alleged assault in Washington, D.C.—but instead of being taken into custody, Brown was ordered to just keep doing what he’s been doing.

Meaning, the 24-year-old F.A.M.E. artist will remain in the treatment facility where he’s been living and continue to complete the 24 hours of community service per week that’s required of him, take his prescription meds and abstain from marijuana (including the medical kind).

“Pleased he is doing well in the program and for that reason the court is not included to take the defendant into custody,” said L.A. Superior Court Judge James Brandlin.

Brown is not allowed to leave California except to travel to a hearing in the D.C. assault case on Jan. 8, where he’s required to appear in person, according to attorney Mark Geragos.

The Grammy winner, who was sentenced to five years of probation in August 2009 after pleading guilty to assaulting Rihanna earlier that year, is about one-third of the way through a court-ordered three-month stay in rehab.

He had voluntarily checked into a facility right after his D.C. arrest, but the judge determined on Nov. 20, in light of his increasingly frequent run-ins with the law over the past year, that outpatient treatment wasn’t cutting it.

The report released by the court today and obtained by E! News states that Brown has “made improvements and positive behavior change in the program since his arrival. He is participating in multiple daily group and individual therapy sessions, including anger management.”

He has also “been taken off medical marijuana and is taking psychotropic medication as prescribed.” His random drug tests (for amphetamines, cocaine, MDMA, PCP, opiates, marijuana and benzodiazepeneshave) have come up negative.

Brown “appears to have a more serious and responsible demeanor and is responding well to dual diagnosis treatment program changes and medication,” the report concludes. 

The probation officer who interviewed Brown also noted his suggestion that the court might consider transferring him to sober living facility after his 90 days in rehab are up. Brown, however, reportedly dismissed that idea, saying that his issues are with anger management and not with addiction, and further time in a residential facility would also cause him to financially suffer as a performing artist.

here is his recent picture:

who went od on the peroxide?

tumblr_ms3z8zDAoK1r1u5vdo1_500he looks healthy tho.
the cheek bones are gone.
welp he shoulda thought about everything while he was being a dumb ass.
he could take this time to write some new songs.
give us some quality material this go round.
he did just release a new song today called,
featuring lil wayne and french montana:

im confused with this song.

so you introduced a broke bitch to the good life and rappers,
and then you expect her to be faithful to you?
not to mention you took her from some broke nigga?
tumblr_mxr23aPfOM1r6qguso2_250yeah no.
i’d prefer to hear a vixen singing:

“these niggas ain’t loyal”

get to recording!
anyway i wish him well and hope he gets it together for 2014.

lowkey: i had a interesting dream about him sunday.
i’ll talk about it tomorrow.

story found: e online

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “The Caged Bird That Is Chris Brown Sings”

  1. i said before and i’ll say again hollywood isnt a good place and the more i see the effect of celebs once theyve been in for awhile i feel they really lose a piece of themselves especially when they”re successful at such a young age. im praying for chris to make a comeback with an even greater album

  2. I loved him so much when he first came out. Now he just seems to have turned into a spoiled brat. But I bet this is just another case of a celebrity having a bunch of “yes” men around them. Everybody standing around getting paid while he self destructs. If i had have beat a woman like he did, my mom would have kicked MY ass. Real friends and family set you straight when you’re fucking up. I hope he gets it together cause we don’t need him turning into another Michael or Whitney.

      1. No someone needs to beat that ass one good time lol. One of these days he’s gonna lay hands on the wrong one.

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