Razberry Gets Plucked!

We are about to be over you Razberry.
Apparently, so is the publishing company with this tell all of yours.
Looks like they aren’t interested in what you were trying to un-earth

Raz B’s new book has gotten him in a shit load of trouble with Chris Brown and others. Now the publishing company slams Raz B claims and hint a possible lawsuit against him.

So we all know I have been following this foolishness and it looks like Raz B is in serious SHIT. A few months ago Raz B announced that he was releasing a book entitled This Boy’s Life through a publishing company by the name of Corona Sky Productions. The book was supposed to out pretty much everyone in the rap/R&b world as gay. Well the first person to come after that ass was Chris Brown, Breezy took to Twitter and stated that he was going to sue the panties off Raz B. Now the publishing company in question seems to be after Raz too. In an interview with GQ magazine Corona Sky Productions CEO Reese Riley stated

“I never reached out to (Raz B) at all. We received an unsolicited offer to publish a biography and it was very sordid. I’m not one to control someone else’s artistic expression, however what I read it was very salacious and at times just mean.”

Riley goes on to state that Raz B most likely heard about Corona Sky Productions breaking records with their vampire Horror series #DeadThings which has sold over 100k in digital download independently. “A lot of times, when a smaller company starts to become successful, those who aren’t successful try to piggy back off of it.”

Now Raz B today hopped on twitter to say:

Raz B ‏@razb2k
Yo @chrisbrown I got something to tell you and I don’t think it’s for the world to know! I see people still making up lies…DM


This is how I feel about this whole situation at this point.
Although that tell all did have EVERYONE shook.
Did it not?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Razberry Gets Plucked!”

  1. That publishing company would end up being sued over his ass. First of all, Raz should not have released parts of the book since it has not been released. That was a big mistake. Now if he planned to pull a Terrence Dean and kept the identities anonymous, he would have put fear in Chris, Bow wow, and all the rest. Neither of them could threaten to sue him because in court they would not be able to prove that he was refering to them due to lack of substantial evidence.

    S/N: He looks so attracticve in that pic above. Look at those lips and those arms. It’s a shame that his mind is so far out right now. His music career would be in a better place then where it is if he wasn’t making such an ass of himself.

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