Some Random Chick Bashes Lupita Nyoung’o

who is dencia whitenicious?
not even trying to be funny tho.
never heard of her.
well she had something to say on twitter about lupita’s recent ( x speech )…
Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 4.59.08 PM umtumblr_n13n01zGzm1qd2k1no2_r1_250_zps75e613f4i had to roll out my new britney gif.
i knew some no name mongrel was gonna get their first dragging.
listen i wouldn’t even be mad if lupita asked this bitch who she was.
like the single she is pushing on her twitter background is from 2012.
really chick?
i also love how concerned she was about what lupita did,
but still felt the need to push her skin lightening products.
are you a singer or a macy’s beauty consultant?
i’m confused.
meanwhile lupita is getting her facial,
nails andΒ  feet done,
and trying on dresses from legit designers
for the oscars.

tumblr_mzgnd3fnos1t3ktpgo2_250do better.

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Some Random Chick Bashes Lupita Nyoung’o

  1. Who is this white woman? How can she promote this product if she’s white? I’m just asking a couple of simple questions. A white woman don’t know a damn thing about dark spots. That’s false advertisement.

    1. She is not White.She is Black Nigerian/Cameroon.She has lightened her skin.Ebony magazine interviewed her in one pic from about five years ago she was Oprah’s complexion.

  2. Another self hating black female I bet she has a perm and a European textured weave paled on her scalp tisk tisk

  3. The Man, she’s not white. She’s black/African of Nigerian and Cameroonian extraction and thank God not African American. She’s Dencia. See this:

    I agree, it’s an abomination and as you can see from the before and after pics, her skin got the full “Michael Jackson” treatment. She’s making money from spreading her black, self-hating racism.

  4. I know she’s black. Y’all didn’t catch the joke lol. She is so white that she doesn’t even look black.

  5. That’s sad.It’s even sadder because she’s a homegrown African.They’re supposed to better than that.

  6. This self-hate is just an another by-product of white supremacy. I read the article that dean posted up and saw the pics of her and for some reason she’s weird looking to me. Anyways, Africans using skin-lighting products is nothing new. I read somewhere that 77% of woman in Nigeria have used bleach products. Also Indians, Asians, and Latinos used these products.

  7. This is beyond sad. I have seen these types of products all my life, but to be honest, I never thought they actually work maybe some people running around here have bleached skin and I just didnt know it. I would be scared to use something that would take the color off of me, this chick looks like a freak of nature and does not even look human and she is pushing this potential dangerous product(has been shown to cause cancer) to a customer base that have deep insecurities especially if they feel the need to even have a use for something like this. She is going to wish she would have never messed with her pigment when she gets older, she is going to look like a wrinkly alien. I guess she never heard that black dont crack.

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