Everyone Wants Some of Jadeveon Clowney

RUNwell shit he can run right over here.
everyone is talking about jadeveon clowney.
he is the pre baller wolf from usc.
the gamecocks.
i wonder if he has ever used that in a pick up line?
anyway an f-bi wanted me to check out his 40 yard dash

that body and what appears to be stamina>>>>>z5zywhats in his dossier you say?

born valentine’s day
hometown: south carolina

not bad.
okay lets see em…

he looks rough.
and big.
and aggressive.
i like that.
“feed em ‘n’ fuck em” is what they tell about them southern wolves.
judging from whats being said in various news outlets,
he’s going to be a real baller wolf pretty soon.
oh i like that.
with that being said…
call me.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Everyone Wants Some of Jadeveon Clowney”

  1. Yea he’s going to be the next big thing man. He’s handsome and rough looking too, and most definitely can get this wood.

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